Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Another Goodbye

This is my Dad's cottage that he build in 1958 on Betula Lake in the Whiteshell Prov. Park. As of August 1. 2009 it is no longer ours. A few weeks before Dad passed away this spring he told me he was going to put a For Sale sign up at the cottage, it was those words that told me his cancer was back. I know he really wanted to be able to keep the cottage until he was 80 but there is a large part of me that is relieved he didn't have to put that For Sale sign up himself.
So with my family in tow, my mom, sister and I went out to the cottage one last time this July to collect all of our personal items and say goodbye to this old family friend.

There are a lot of memories for us here. This is were my parents meet for the first time, and where Tim (my husband) and I meet for the first time as well. Okay, i was only 5 and he was 11 and i don't really remember seeing him that much but i did play with his sister a lot that summer so I knew he existed :)
Anyway, growing up we pretty much spent every weekend between April and Oct at the cottage. It was where that I celebrated all my birthdays as a kids and even took my first steps. This is were i learnt to swim, drive a boat, and a car. Picking blueberries was 'manditory' and at there peak of perfection Dad would always take his summer holidays. "You can't come home until your pail is full" he would say, and as a teenager I somehow managed to get out of picking every other day. As an adult I'm amazed that the thought of picking berries doesn't cause me to reach for the Ativan but instead I enjoy the activity with my kids. My only rule....'don't eat from my pail".
As a kid, since there was no T.V, i spent most of my time outside. I loved to spend my days catching frogs, minnows and snakes, and now I put my boys to shame with these skills!
Once i started university my time out here was drastically limited and since moving to Flin Flon it was only a once a year visit.
This photos are from my trip out to the cottage in Oct 2008, it was a beautiful calm day. The weather during our July visit was windy and rainy.

View to the south off the dock.

View to the north off the dock.
Views of the shoreline in front of the cottage.

Goodbye Betula.

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