Monday, January 18, 2010

Frosty Day

I spent the weekend getting re-acquainted with my Janome and pieced a quilt top from what seems to be my never ending Northcott winnings.   And since I do not have a 'real' stash of fabric I had to go online to search for borders and backing.  I think I spent more time on the computer this weekend than at the sewing machine but I was victorious!  Found the same fabric line at a shop called Knots and Bolts ...on sale for $3.50/yd and it was still in stock when I ordered it!! Woo Hoo!!!!  Of course I bought more fabric than I was looking for,  22 yards more but it only came too $108 ( including shipping and exchange). Can you tell I'm excited?  Check out  .   I think this year I will be a buying year as I now have quilts tops that are almost finished and just need border.  I think these are call UFO's (Gasp!) and that is new to me.   I have, up until now, been a very focus quilter and could stick with a project until it was done before moving on to another project.  I now have to confess I have a large project that is sitting in a box and I am not concerned about it at all and have no desire to work on.  Now it is offical...I'm a REAL quilter!  
Since I do not have any quilts to show you I thought I would share some photos I took today of the frost on the trees. 

Okay one more.  Here are my boys playing on the rink the other night.  Tim set up some lights so the boys could actually use the rink as it is dark by the time they get home from school.  They had to pose for this picture as I had to keep the shutter open for 2 seconds to get the night shot.

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