Thursday, July 8, 2010

Still Frisky After All These Years!

See I told you!
My husbands parents Ed and Mary-Ann just celebrated a wonderful milestone in their marriage, 50 years.
My sister-in-law Lee-Anne organized a beautiful party for this special occasion and my other sister-in-law Lynley gave a beautiful speech...that's how we found out they were still 'frisky''!
My husband was MC and bouncer.
Here is the whole family.  Tim, Lee-Anne, Mary-Ann, Ed, Lynley and Todd.  It is rare to have the whole family together as two of the four siblings live out of town.  I must add here that I am very lucky to be part of this warm, kind, and loving family. I think it is rare for four siblings to get along as well as they do and there is always laughter in the air when we all get together.


  1. nice picture.
    I hope this is not too inappropriate but I am concerned about the dark spot on your father in laws forehead. If it is a birthmark just disregard this, However, if it has recently changed please have him see his doctor right away.
    This comment is only sent with good intentions and please take it that way.
    I really enjoyed your blog, found the link from MQR.

  2. Thank you Lisa for your concern, your comment was not only apppropriate but touching to me as I love my FIL dearly. That is a mole on his forehead and he has had it for years. He had it removed once about 10 years ago and it grew right back. It hasn't changed recently but I'll be more aware to take note of it now, thanks.
    Glad you have enjoyed my blog and it is nice to meet you :)