Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New Dyeing Space!

 dye room

My new dyeing area is now finished in our basement/crawl space.  The only way to get into our basement is by this little door on the outside of our house.  It’s less than 5’ tall and you have to duck to go though as a beam runs right across the opening. We have a big piece of foam stapled to the beam because I can’t count how many times we or friends have hit their heads on that beam!   Once inside we have a small area where people 5’5”, like me,  can stand so this area works well for my new dyeing space.   Can’t believe this kitchen sink and counter that I was so excited to throw in the dump now makes me so happy.  

dye sink

I have hot and cold water and Tim installed a pump to get the water back up to the septic tank. I found an old white board the kids don’t use anymore so used it to cover all the drain pipes to the septic tank and can use to make notes when I’m dye fabric.  During our kitchen reno our hot water tank died so I have a nice shiny new tank by my sink. I have lots of storage for my big containers and Tim added a drawer for all my dye powders.

dye sink1dye sink2

If your wondering where the crawl space area is it’s through this small opening and is all on rock so the ground if very uneven. I didn’t turn that light on as you don’t need to see the mess of boxes back there!  Note the foam pad stapled to that beam too :)

dye sink3

Thank you Tim for building this space for me and supporting me with all my crazy hobbies!  It was the best birthday present!


  1. HURRAY! Nice job!!

    And Happy Birthday!!

  2. What a great use of your previous counter and sink! It's a perfect spot for you do to your dyeing. Looks like a super fun space to play. :-)

  3. What a lovely space! How nice to have a space set up for dyeing. I'm sure you'll have countless hours of fun there. And I hope you never feel the foam or the beam!

  4. It looks perfect - lucky you! Have fun.

  5. I'm glad you can still keep up with the addiction! Joint projects still at my place, as I think I'm over the height limit?!?

  6. If I dyed I would be so happy to have a space like that dedicated to it-nice!
    Happy Birthday!!

  7. Wow - great space! Your hubby must be a very handy man. My hubby wouldn't even attempt to do any of that. Well done... and very "green" for the enviroment re-using your sink and counters etc. Kudos!

  8. Great space to hide away and create.
    Would it help to hang some long dangly fringy something from the doorway beam? Maybe a good reminder to duck(!).