Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fabric Shopping


Just got home from a week down in Winnipeg for the boys Spring Break.  I made it to the Quilt Show on the Sunday and saw some beautiful quilts but I forgot to bring my camera!    But what I can show you is all my fabric shopping as the vendors were great!  I was in desperate need of some fabric shopping therapy as I spent most of my week at the dentist office, had three appointments to get a crown put on and a cleaning.  My cheek is pretty sore and bruised inside so I’ve enjoyed looking at my fabric and dreaming about what I can make with them.


Hamel’s had a booth at the show and that is where I got most of my batiks.  They had a sale $4.99 for half a meter so I stocked up there and they also had batik bundles at a great price too.  My main focus was on collecting purples and pinks as I don’t have many in my stash and then I found these gorgeous greens and rust prints too!


We also took a trip down to Morden and Winkler this week and I got a great deal on these two batiks at Quilters Den….they were in the clearance section at 50% off but I bought what was left on the bolt ( about 4m each) and got 60% off!!   


Then we hit Road 17 N in Winkler and I had a great visit with the owner Shari!   She has a lovely shop with modern fabrics.  This is where our Lug Nuts quilt is hanging as we bought the Little Black Dress II fabrics from her and she has kits made up if your interested.

I splurged on two fat quarter collections at her shop, Sphere and Wishes!


Our guilds Quilt Show is getting near and I have 4 guild quilt to work on this week so I’ll be posting something quilty soon!


  1. Kathy: Amazing fabric finds! Is that a snow free deck we see in the fabric photos??!! Happy drooling over your new
    fabrics. And happy healing from the dental work.

  2. Oh, what loveliness. Can't wait to see it in person.

  3. Glad you're back! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with those yummy fabrics! Hope you're feeling better. I'm really enjoying your blog. I didn't realize how often I check in until you were on vacation!

  4. Those light greens are wonderful. I don't see those colors around here much. Your pile of fabrics look pretty much what my pile will look like when I get back from Paducah this year as far as the batiks go.

  5. Hi Kathy - I was hoping to run into you at the quilt show last Sunday. I finally made it to the show - the last time I was there my daughter was an infant, now she's 10! We had a great time looking at all of the quilts - Abby took a ton of photos and I did some shopping including the Lug Nut kit that Shari was selling at 17N. I had a great chat with Shari.

    Hope you're well - missed your blog last week too!