Monday, November 17, 2014

Blogathon Starts Today!


Sew Sisters Quilt Shops has once again organized Blogathon Canada for our enjoyment!  It starts today and I hope you will jump on over to their site to see the schedule of this weeks guest bloggers. Each day two bloggers will be sharing a list of great blogs in each of their provinces and have a special giveaway.  I was very fortunate to host Manitoba last year and very happy to say that my good friend Lori at Night Owl Quilting and Dyeworks is the host for Manitoba this year.  Her day is on Thursday and I plan on doing a special post to participate too!  Now get on over the Sew Sisters blog and check out all the great blogs being shared today.

Now to what I have been working on.   I just finished quilting Bonnies Modern quilt that she designed for her daughter, no pattern.   She wanted simple, clean line quilting to keep with the Modern feel and with this being a large queens size quilt I kept the quilting designs light.


The back was pieced as well so I could be a reversible quilt as well.


I used a pantograph called Contempo for the large white and black side pieces and then did a spiral square in the center of the blocks.  I added a back and forth design ( does this design have a name?) in the teal border and then simple straight lines in the outer black border. In the outer white border I added a loopy back and forth design ( that needs a name too.)


I was hoping to get some pictures of this quilt out on the ice but it has been so windy it was a losing battle to try to keep it flat.  Hope this wind dies down soon as the windchill has been –25’c!!



  1. What! Out in -25 chill trying to take pictures? Crazy!!!! Superb quilting on this one. Well done you!

  2. Bonnie and Meghan will be so pleased. I feel the quilting fits the style really well.

  3. Beautiful!! I too think your quilting really suits the modern design of this quilt. Winter is arriving here too, snow today,although gone tonight with some rain. I don't envy your chilly temps- we're not quite that cold yet... Hope you'll drop by my Blog tomorrow on the Blogathon tour...

  4. Neat quilt! A nice change from feathers and curls ;). I call that design- u-turns. Great work Bonnie & Kathy!

  5. Lovely quilt! I like both sides!

  6. Hi Blogathon visitor from Nova Scotia here. Really like the quilt, front and back!

  7. What a fabulous design and the quilting is perfect for this very unique quilt- I love the contrast between the two sides of the quilt. the reversible feel to it make it really unique.Thanks for participating in the blog hop - Hope you meet lots of new to you quilters.
    Regards from Alberta,

  8. Great modern quilt, I love the clean lines and colour contrast!