Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Snowmen and Sundogs


This is Alene’s Winter Blessing quilt and it is a pattern by Primitive Gatherings.    I have quilted this one before and used many of the same elements.  This is a cute wool applique quilt and Alene did beautiful hand applique. I stitched in the ditch around all the applique and around all of the wool details.  Feather curls in the outer border and simple curls in the inner border.  Batting is Quilters Dream Blend and I used beige So Fine and Navy So Fine on top.


I was nice to see the sun this morning after a week of snow.  There were sparkling sundogs in the sky and it was nice to be able to use the ice to display my quilts again. I can’t wander to far from the dock, like more than a few steps, as the ice is still very thin from all the snow. You can see the depression in the snow in the center of this next picture, that is from the slush under the ice so not going near there!  This picture was taken right beside the dock.




  1. Suddenly you have heaps of snow, and a quilt lying out there, beautiful. Lovely snowmen and super quilting shows them off so well.

  2. Beautiful quilting!!! I saw my first sun dog while at the beach last month and had to ask my readers what it was! Imagine going 60 years and never seeing one - life's an adventure!

  3. Stunning photos, as always! I was going to say, the ice can't be safe yet, but I see you are staying close to the shore.

    I love the way you have quilted this one. The dense feathers in the border really make the "windowpane" stand out. Elegantly done!

  4. I don't like winter but I love seeing the quilts displayed out on the lake, on ice or snow. Is the wool applique on a cotton background? I was gifted some red wool suiting and thought it would be most excellent for a maple leaf QOV but had a few people "rain on my parade" by telling me I can't put wool onto a cotton background because they're not similar weights. Is this just quilt policing that can be ignored or should I worry?

    1. Yes it is wool applique on a cotton background. Don't let those 'quilt police' rain on your parade, go for it!!!

  5. Absolutely amazing, as usual:-)

  6. Another great quilt that looks great in the snow. Doesn't look very warm though. You can really see the gorgeous quilting on this one.

  7. Beautiful quilt and quilting. Love the display, it looks so great on top of the snow!