Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Quilt Reflections 2016


This past weekend I drove down to Dauphin to pick up my good friend Lori and we drove to Winnipeg to attend the Quilt Reflections 2016 show put on by the Manitoba Prairie Quilters. It the largest show in our province.  This was the guild that I quilted the Gravity raffle quilt for last year so it was nice seeing that quilt on display again.  We had a fabulous time visiting with other quilters and meeting our clients who we have only emailed with over the years.  Besides the wonderful quilts on display we enjoyed shopping the booths and visiting with the vendors.  We are very luck to have such great support from some Manitoba shops that carry our Highway 10 Designs patterns.  They all had quilts made from our pattern on display and along with kits so that is very exciting to see!

show 19

Here are pictures from Wendy’s Fabriculous booth.  She had a Pedal to the Metal ( which Lori and I pieced for her at one of our retreats), a Quarter Sections and Detour on display.


Keystone Quilts had a modern version of our Not Your Mother’s Rail Fence on display!


And Road 17 N had a beautiful City Slicker on display using the new Black Tie Affair fabric collection.  I have one on my  machine right now just like this so will be sharing more pictures soon.


Now to the really exciting part!  I knew that my client Megan was going to enter her Arcadia Avenue quilt that I quilted for her so I was looking forward to seeing it on display.  When I found it was pleasantly surprised to see a First place ribbon on it in the category of Large Commercially Quilted.  I was so excited for Megan!!


Then as I walked the show some more I can across another quilt that I had quilted for my cleint Lori.  And there on the quilt was a second place ribbon in the Large Commercial Quilted category.  So I took some pictures and just as I was walking away two ladies approach the quilt and one lets out a little squeel of delight and while her friend is snapping pictures of her!  It was Lori, her friend knew she won second place and surprised her.  Once they had there moment I approached her to introduce myself and we had a lovely visit. I was so happy to have witnessed her reaction to her ribbon, that was priceless!


Now I was pretty pumped my this point but the day just kept getting better.   I find another quilt by my client Heather and there on the quilt is a third place ribbon in the Large Commercially Quilted category.  Now before you smile to yourself and think  “there was probably only 3 quilts in that catergory”  I checked it out and there were 14!   So I think I’m entitled to say that was a clean sweep of that category.


Then I found one more, it was another quilt I had done for Megan and it was in the Small Commercially Quilted catergory and it had a second place ribbon.  I was so happy to also have meet up with Megan and her very proud mom Audrey.    We had a lovely visit and I got a picture of us together ( I’m the one having the hot flash).


So this is why my blog as been a bit quiet lately, not much quilting going on and I still haven’t touched my longarm since I got home on Monday as we are getting new carpet installed in the house and I came home to find my Shack full of furniture and boxes. Couldn’t even quilt if I wanted too!   Today should be the last day of the install and I can then get my house back in order and back to quilting.

Oh I did do some shopping at the vendors and got a pretty bundle of batiks and …


…something I have been searching for a long time, a 3m long retractable tape measure that has BOTH inches and metric!  Being a Canadian quilters I use both in my quilting.   If you are also searching for this wonderful tool just contact Fabriculous in Swan River, MB.  She has a bunch!



  1. Congratulations to you and your piecers on all the success in the show! Very, very exciting!! And you can never go wrong with Laundry Basket fabrics.

  2. Congratulations to you & your clients on the many ribbons won -- each one is stunning! You did a lovely job quilting them! I do wonder, the bright 2nd place quilt, I can just see the name of the pattern on the info card but can't zoom in enough to read the second word, do you know what it is? That border treatment in the pattern is stunning and I'd love to make the quilt. Thanks!

  3. Congrats to you all!! You must have been on Cloud 9 all day. How exciting for everyone.

  4. Holy smokes! Congratulations on all those honors! You clearly deserve them, as your quilting skills are so impressive.