Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Autumn Splendor Quilt Show


I decided at the last minute to drive down to Dauphin this past weekend to visit my friend Lori and attend her guilds quilt show.   I am getting to know many of the members there as I have attended a few meeting and some join our Highway 10 Retreats in the fall.  The show was set up beautifully with so many gorgeous quilts to view.    The main show was set up in the auditorium of the Watson Art Centre and I ran up to the balcony to get a few wide angle shots.  Turns out my new lens is also good for quilts shows not just the night sky!


It was fun to spot so many of our pattern designs hanging in the show and seeing all the different fabrics each quilter chose.


When you leave the auditorium and head toward the Vendors Room quilts line the hallway and stairwell.



They had three vendor attend that are Manitoba quilt shops.  This is Road 17 N from Winkler.


Keystone Quilts from Winnipeg.


And Fabriculous from Swan River ( and now a new shop in Gimli too).


So it was a lovely show and I’m glad I took the 1100km round trip ( with a nail in my tire, but that’s another story!)



  1. What an amazing display, so many, and what great arrangements for hanging them all. The Fling Geese in curves to the Mariner's Compass, maybe set with the moon behind ( in my imagination) was my pick. Thanks for sharing with us, and your long distance travel makes it so good apart from a nail!!

  2. What fabulous pictures! I love seeing quilt shows from other guilds. We need to do one here in the Yukon. You should come visit in the summer and we can dye together. :-)

  3. So beautiful! Something for everybody too.

  4. Looks like a good show, thanks for taking me along.