Saturday, October 8, 2016

City Slicker #6


This is Sandra’s City Slicker and I love the shades of purple in the Urbana Bali Pop she used.  The background is a light grey cotton, not batik, and mixing the two works well in this pattern.  Sometimes cottons and batiks do not play nice together because the have a different amount of stretch to the grain.   But  I find as long as the pieces are cut short enough there is rarely an issue.


I chose Tickle for the pantograph, medium grey So Fine thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting.


It was too windy to get a nice picture down at the dock but this one did show the nice purple flannel backing!


The snow is melting but as I look out my window right now it is falling again.  Yesterday I stuck my ruler in the middle of the yard and it read 11” or 28cm.  We had much more fall than that but so much melted the first few days.



  1. Beautiful fabrics together. Lovely backing, and what a setting, do you have a longer ruler? In those 2 days, look at it. I always think snow is so magical, maybe because we have had it fall where we live only twice in my whole 76 years!!! Probably it might get a bit tiresome when there is a lot and roads are closed.

  2. Beautiful quilt! But all that snow - we've had some, but just a bit. It's too early and I'm just not ready for it quite yet. Still need to get in a couple rounds of golf first, lol!

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