Friday, March 10, 2017

Star Quilt and a Blizzard!


This is Susan’s Star quilt and I love the selection of fabrics she picked for this quilt, very pretty.  She asked for the Plush pantograph and it added just the right textures to this quilt!    The thread used is white So Fine and the batting is Quilters Dream Blend.


So as you can see we did get some snow this week, about 45 cm, and then the winds hit!  We haven’t had a blizzard like this here in a long time.  Schools and highways across Manitoba were closed for two days which is very rare up here.  Once the winds died down and the sun came out the temperatures just dropped.  This morning it was –36’c with –40 windchill!  No signs of spring here.   


I stuck my ruler into the snow and had to dig down to expose it and show that it was my 24” ruler!


This was taken during the storm.


Lots of hard packed snow drifts in the yard once the storm ended.


Love all the ripples in the snow on the lake.


You can barely see where the road was ploughed to our dock on the lake as it is all blown in.


You can see in the pictures below my ice rink has completely filled it!   I’ll try to dig that out once it warms up a bit.



  1. Love your stuff. Just finished a 4Patch Charm from your tutorial. Thanks for the great pattern.

  2. Very pretty quilt! Love the photo shoot in the snow. The only nice thing I can say about snow is it's pretty when it's fresh.

  3. Wow that's incredible! I also love the ripples - amazing photos.

  4. I'm a new quilter and have recently started following your blog. Your work is beautiful and the idea to photograph the quilts with snow and ice as the backdrop is amazing! Thanks for sharing your craft with us!

  5. Pretty, pretty quilt. Your quilting really makes the quilt pop. Beautiful work.

  6. Holy smokes, that's cold!! A lot of snow, too - you know I'm jealous of that part. :) Pretty colors in her quilt.

  7. Oh my! I live in Arizona and it's 88 degrees F. today! It is hard to believe it can be that cold somewhere! It is beautiful if you don't have to live in it!

  8. Great fabric choices!! We are having the same weather here. Buses were cancelled Mon, Tues and Wed. Our kids didn't even make it home for two nights!! Enjoy your weekend, Kathy.

  9. I love that quilt and what a wonderful quilting job. I love a good old fashioned snow storm when everyone is safe and cosy inside. We don't get many here in Ottawa area because we don't get the wind but we do get the snowfall and the low temperatures. I wrote about it being -34 just last week and it is still pretty cool...below zero for the foreseeable forecast so you are not alone with wishing for spring! Pretty where you live and the snow makes pretty pictures. Stay warm!

  10. Thanks for the snow photos. I really love the sculptural effects. The one on the deck is beautiful. You must have had a time getting out to photo the quilt which really looks great in that setting.

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