Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Mahjongg Quilt


This is Yvonne’s Mahjongg quilt and she used beautiful gold and silver fabrics with a large floral print for a focus.   I picked Always Ivy for the pantograph, Quilters Dream Blend for the batting and Lava thread that has a variegation from grey to gold.


It looks lovely on my new couch too!


So I am slowly getting back to work and have started on the quilts on my waiting list. Thank you to all my client that have been to patent during my move and are willing to mail your quilt tops to me.

We had beautiful sun-dogs in the sky later yesterday afternoon and I took this picture from my deck.  The sun is down by 5pm so it is really starting to feel like winter around here.



  1. Definitely a winter scene there, and again, the quilt is so beautiful on the white. Lovely fabric that shows so well with the contrasts.

  2. Love it Kath��your quilting always brings our quilts to life! No to get it bound��

  3. Wow - I've never seen Sun Dogs. Is that a northern lattitude thing like Auroras are, or have I just never gotten lucky? That was the perfect panto for that fabric, and you're right about the quilt looking perfect on your sofa in that room!

  4. Pretty quilting. Dreamy views you there!

  5. I love sun dogs, used to see them all the time when I lived on the Canadian prairies. Nice to see you making the most of where you live now, just takes time and living through all the seasons to feel more at home. Quilting helps (hey, quilting helps everything!). Do you use Quilters Dream cotton?