Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Gelato Ombre Quilt


Well I finally made my first Jelly Roll Race quilt, took long enough right as this pattern has been so popular for a long time!  Last spring when I was at the quilt show in Winnipeg I bought a Gelato Ombre jelly roll from Keystone Quilts. She had a Jelly Roll race quilt made from it hanging in her booth and I just fell in love with it!  So in September when I was at a Keystone retreat in Winnipeg I made the quilt top. It was a great retreat project and I even put all the strips into a bag and randomly pulled out a strip and sewed them end to end. Those that know me well know that would not have been an easy process for me as I like to be ‘matchy matchy’ when I put fabrics together.  The only time I put a fabric strip back in the bag was if I had just pulled that same one out that I just used as there are doubles of each fabric in this jelly roll.



I chose Ebb and Flow for the pantograph,  Monopoly thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting.  Still need to add the binding but this might be the last sunny day for awhile!


I was able to get some nice pictures down at the boat launch dock on the river in Emo.  It was windy but I take risks with my own quilts ( NOT with my clients)  as I had my foot on it for most of the photos except this next one! So glad it didn’t blow into the river!



I had drove down to the Barwick boat launch with the lighthouse but the dock has been pulled out for the winter.



  1. This is beautiful, perfect quilting pattern to boot! Can you believe I still haven't made one?! Improv is not a quilting trait that I possess and I'm not sure I could have been so brave as to just "go with the flow" in sewing it together! Kudos to you!

  2. Beautiful, Kathy. Gelato Ombre makes an awesome Jelly Roll quilt. Congrats on embracing the risks of randomness. That was a big step. :) Ebb and Flow is a perfect panto for this is quilt.

  3. Oh i LOVE that Gelato Ombre jelly roll quilt. I've made the jelly roll quilt before, but never in anything as lovely as the Gelato. I'm sooo tempted to order a roll and make one of these quilts for myself, but I'm trying really REALLY hard to use what I already have and get my stash whittled down... but this is so tempting. :)

  4. Years ago I was making those as gifts. I put various appliques on which were appropriate for the recipient. Worked very well. Yours is so nice and the dark border is the perfect 'frame'.

  5. Wow - that looks great in the ombres! Perfect quilting motif for it, too.

  6. I like! I haven't made a jelly roll race quilt yet either.

  7. Absolutely beautiful! I love the colours and the quilting looks superb Kathy!!

  8. I love what you ended up with. I have to laugh at your matchy, matchy comment, nothing funnier than a room full of quilters doing a jelly roll race. After tops are finished though, then the creative juices begin to flow and the OCD is lessened.