Friday, April 28, 2017



This is Roberta’s Pearls quilt and the pattern is designed by Zen Chic.  The fabric collection she used is called Gigi Blooms by Adorn It.   Roberta first suggested circle quilting designs all over like on the pattern cover but I do not have a computer on my longarm so I suggested Bora Bora for a paper pantograph. I think it worked out well and gave a similar effect.


My duck has returned from under our last snowfall…


and so has our neighbourhood bear!  New set of tracks on the lake so it looks like he is doing the rounds again.  And for those of you worrying about me running around on the ice still,  if a 400lb  bear can walk on it then I should be good too!   :)



  1. Pearls are beautiful, so is your quilting, bear tracks? And is that ski trails? a skidoo?? or something else? hope the bear is safe. guess he has done it often enough to be so aware of when the ice gets thin!!!

  2. This quilt is beautiful! I love the quilting you did!

  3. Bora Bora looks great on that quilt.