Longarm Quilting Services

My 30 years of quilting experience means your quilts are in good hands.  I have been longarm quilting for 15 years and enjoy helping my clients finish their quilts.  I am only offering pantograph quilting at this time as I am taking a break from custom quilting.

Pantographs are a great choice if you’re looking for an overall design and want the piecing and fabrics to be the focus of the quilt. They add a nice even texture to your quilt tops and are great on quilts with busy fabrics.

I have three price points for my pantographs based on the density of the design. Density basically refers to how close together the lines of quilting are on the quilt.  

My prices range from 2.25cents per square inch to 2.75cents per square inch.  Visit my Pantograph pages to see all the designs in each price point.

My minimum charge is $50 for small quilts and wall hangings.

To calculate the cost to quilt your quilt measure in inches the length and times by the width, this will give you the area in inches.  Times that by .0225 to see what a light density design will cost.  For example, your quilt measures 85" x 95".  85x95=8075x.0225=181.68

It is important to make the backing and the batting 8″ larger than the top. For example, if the quit top is 85″x95″ then make the backing and batting 93″x103″ minimum. The extra fabric is used to keep the machine head from getting too close to the side clamps. As well the extra length is used to pin the backing to the canvas leaders on the rollers and insures the backing doesn’t run short during the quilting process.

I sell Quilters Dream Blend batting on the roll.  I carry two widths, the 92" and 121".  Price for the 92" is $20/m and the 121" is $24/m. 

I currently have a 2 week turn around time and am closed all July and August..  So please contact me by email to have your quilt put on my schedule.

My contact information.

Kathy Schwartz
61 Aspen Crescent
Emo, Ontario

PO Box 507
Emo, ON
P0W 1E0

Email: tamarackshack1@gmail.com

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