Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My New Apprentice

I probably shouldn't show you this but what the heck. This is my friend Lori using my Millie! ( no it's not for rent). Lori is an AWESOME friend and i like to call her my 'creative coach'. She knows how to gently push me out of my very small comfort zone and encouraged me to reach my dream of owning a Millennium. As she held my hand through this whole process of buying the longarm and traveled with me to Winnipeg to buy it, i told her she could use it anytime....well anytime i wasn't!!! So this week she finally took me up on the offer and spent 14 hours quilting her bargello quilt. She did a fantastic job and got the hang of the machine quickly. There were only a few "... how do i stop this thing" moments and one broken needle. Hey, not bad considering that with my first quilt i blew fuses, had the belt drive slip and had a bearing seize in the motor. So in comparsion.....it went very well!

Lori and i also just found out that we did very well with our Kick Ass Challenge quilt (the Joy wallhanging 2 posts ago) at the Neepawa Lilyfest. It won first!! Then the store owner called to ask if he could enter it in the local Plumas Fair. There it won best quilted item and won most outstanding entry in the fair!!!! ***happy dance***

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Spoke To Soon!

Remember in my last post i was so happy that i had not had a carpel tunnel attack in my wrists for 6 months....well just as i was finishing this quilt for a client at the end of June my right wrist decided it was time for one!!! I think i jinxed myself. I now know my limit is 52 quilts in 6 months and NOT one more.
I love the colors in this quilt above, and i think my feathers are getting nice and even.
I haven't done any quilting since i finished this quilt, i still want to work on my mystery quilt but the thread i need is on back order so this is probably a good thing for my wrists.