Monday, December 30, 2019

Looking Back at 2019

As I watch the first big winter storm of the season roll through our area I thought I would share a picture I took a few days ago of the Blue Jays eating seeds below our feeder before the snow started to fall. This is the time of year I like to look back at all the quilts I quilted for my clients (87 this year) and highlight I ones I made for myself. When I start looking for photos of my quilts I always think " I didn't make that many this year" and then surprise myself with how much I did accomplish!  This year it appears was about making samples and new patterns for Highway 10 Designs.


My first make of the year didn't happen until May!  I had been asked by a few people if our Simply Dashing quilt would work with Ombre fabrics so I thought I would give it a try and it did work with a bit of tweaking to the cutting direction.  You can find my additional instructions at our new Highway 10 Designs Website here

I also made two baby Simply Dashing as well using a rainbow ombre.


In the summer I had time to finish my Presidents Quilt.  The blocks were a gift by my guild in Flin Flon after I left.  I have had it on my guest bed ever since I finished it!

I also made a sample of our City Slicker quilt using a Tula Pink Zuma Jelly Roll.


In August Lori and I designed a quilt pattern for the Minnesota Shop Hop called Minnesota Stars and this was our first sample using the Kansas Troubles fabric the shops were giving as prizes.


We released a new pattern in October called Home Quarter and it is a fat quarter friendly pattern.  I made two samples, one using Moda Sunday Supper fabrics and the other which is on the cover is Lewis and Irene's Winter Garden.


 I was excited to try Waxed Canvas after purchasing it from Fabriculous in October!  I made two Ruby Waxed Canvas totes with it and gave the grey on to my sister in law for Christmas. 

I kept this one for myself!

I also made a special Quarter Sections baby quilt for my friend who had a little girl in November.


The last quilt for the year as another sample of our Minnesota Stars quilt done in Art Gallery fabrics. We made this one the cover for our pattern which is now available on our website. Kits with this fabric line are also available on Up North Quilt Shop.

I am currently making a sample of our Home Quarter quilt in Winter Shimmer and hope to have that one done in the new year!

Hope everyone had a productive and healthy year and all the best in 2020!

Monday, December 23, 2019

Christmas Break Fun!

I was browsing on Instagram and came across this fun idea on how to make Baby Yoda sugar cookies!  I am a Star Wars geek at heart so wanted to give these a try. You start with an angel cookie cutter and remove the head.  The shape all of a sudden becomes Baby Yoda with the wings becoming his ears. 

I made a glaze icing and mixed my dyes to get a nice Yoda green.  I dipped the head in the green, spread on the chocolate coat and piped on the white trim on his coat. The eyes are glaze icing too that are piped on.

I know they are not prize winning cookies by any means but they were fun to create and make me smile!  

I get a kick out of making sugar cookies that don't look like there original purpose.  A few years ago I made a Reindeer cookie using an upside down Gingerbread man cutter.  

I had a beautiful young fox hang around our yard the other day so I was able to get a few nice shots.

 He finally came out of the bush and I'm sure he was sniffing for mice under the snow.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas from my family to your and all the best in 2020!

Monday, December 16, 2019

Acute Triangle Quilt

Ellen made this lovely modern quilt for her granddaughter, who picked out the pattern.   The pattern is free on Art Gallery Fabrics website but I will warn you that Ellen, who is an experienced quilter, had issues with the pattern.   So if you are wanted to make it I would suggest you see if there are any corrections available or be comfortable problem solving as you go.

Since the focus triangles are so large I used my largest scale pantograph Fascination for this quilt. I like how the swirls contrast with the geometric piecing.  Thread is white So Fine and batting Quilters Dream Blend.

Ellen added borders to make the quilt larger than in the pattern.  Here is how it would look without the borders.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Buffalo Plaids Moose in Gold

This is Peggy's Buffalo Plaid Moose quilt, a pattern by Sew Fresh Quilts.  I love the gold and grey fabrics Peggy used for her version of this quilt.  I have a feeling this quilt is made for her cottage.

 I quilted it with the Plush pantograph, gold So Fine thread and used Quilters Dream Blend batting.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Wintergreen Quilt

This is Coleen's Wintergreen quilt and you can find the pattern for free at All People Quilt.   She used duck and fish fabrics for the focus and blue and teal for the setting squares that have a water feel.  This made by choice for a panto easy, it had to be Ripples! I used blue So Fine thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting.

Coleen bought the backing from me, I do carry a few wide cotton backs and this one is by Northcott called Canvas in a shade of beige.

I currently have 4 wide backs in stock for my longarm clients.  The top two are Essences by Northcott and the bottom two are Canvas by Northcott.

Have to share a few photos I took down at the river today.   Its been quite cold, got down to -28'c the other night, some of the river froze over but the strong current created this beautiful sight!

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Winter Solstice Quilt

Donna made this lovely modern quilt called Winter Solstice, a pattern from McCalls Quilting Magazine.  You can purchase the pattern at this link This is a great pattern for using larger prints.

I used Bayside for the pantograph, off white So Fine thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting.