Tuesday, July 30, 2019

My Second Presidents Quilt

This is a very special quilt to me as the blocks were made by my friends at the North Star Quilt Guild and gifted to me for my short term at President of the guild as I moved before finishing my term was done.   They asked what block I would like and I said Sister Choice and then I surprised them by saying "no batiks'!  My first Presidents quilt was all batiks so thought it should be different. This quilt will soon be on the bed in my guest room/office so I can see it every day. 

I did light custom quilting and used Quilters Dream Blend batting.  I did molar feathers in the outer border, a curl in the blue sashing and CC and feather motif in the blocks.  I used an ecru So Fine thread for most of the top and just changed to a fuchsia So Fine for in the outer border.  

So I have a bit of a story to share with this quilt.   In the 10 years I have been longarming I have never injured myself...until this quilt!  I was using a ruler to do the SID and all of a sudden ...BANG....my ruler goes flying and my thumb is in terrible pain!  I had no idea what I did a that moment but was expecting to see a needle through my finger when I looked down...hummm no needle in my finger but my nail was cracked in two direction and bleeding. Don't worried, I didn't get any blood on the quilt!  So after putting ice on my thumb for a while I finally figured out what I did.  My thumb was resting on the edge of my ruler ( see photo below) and just slide a bit into the top of the hopping foot, not enough to have the needle hit it but enough for the screw that holds the needle to come down and pinch my thumb between the top of the foot and the screw!  The screw head was what broke my nail so mystery solved. So know I had to get back to the machine and finish this quilt so I made sure to keep my thumb far back on the ruler to not to repeat my mistake. I have a lot more respect for my machine again and hope sharing this experience might prevent another longarmer from repeating my mistake!

Now here is one more photo of my quilt, I figured out how to hang it on my railing with just two clamps, no helpers! :)

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Summer Storms and Sunny Days!

With our summers so short that also means we only get a few month of thunderstorms and I love a good thunderstorm!  Now that I have this amazing west view off my front deck I have the perfect viewing platform to take photos of the approaching storms.  We had a fantastic storm roll through last evening, about 7pm so not too dark. Lots of lightening, heavy rain but thankfully no hail or tornado even though I kept getting tornado warnings alerts on my cell phone for our area! Power was out for a few hours so that always adds to the excitement.

Here are a few of the lightening bolt photos I was able to capture on my phone!

Love this next shot as it was of the ominous storm front approaching!  I used my DSLR camera for this one with my wide angle lens.

Now it hasn't all be storms here, we have had a bit of a heat wave for the last couple of weeks along with sunny skies.  Last Saturday Tim and I loaded up the kayaks and headed to Caliper Lake, just 40 minutes north of our place.  The lake was like glass when we arrived and it was already 30'c when we hit the water at 10am.

This is my happy place, on the water with a paddle in hand. 

Friday, July 12, 2019

City Slicker in Zuma

Here is my first finish of the summer and it has a very summery feel!   I pieced this City Slicker quilt top back in February at a local quilt retreat and the fabric is Tula Pink's Zuma collection.  I used a jelly roll and a white on white print background that looks like tiny shells to go with the Zuma's ocean theme.

I used the Ripples Pantograph for the quilting design to keep with the aquatic theme.

I used white So Fine thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting.

My new flower garden around our deck is slowly starting to show its colours.  Its been an experiment with this being the first year of planting.  There are a few annuals I won't plant again and some shrubs that will need to be moved to a shadier location.  I have been enjoying watching the humming birds at our feeder, had three visit at one time!