Monday, January 14, 2019

Empire Place Quilt

This is Megan’s Empire Place quilt, the paper pieced pattern is designed by Sassafras Lane.  This is a stunning quilt and Megan did an amazing job piecing this top!   Two years I quilted Megan’s Arcadia Avenue which was spectacular too!  We discussed a lot of quilting ideas and the samples shared on Sassafras Lane blogs were a big inspiration to the final choices.  The lines across the blocks with U-turn ends using grey Microquilter thread was a great option over SID.  It gives each block even texture allowing the piecing to shine as they are the star of this quilt!  I have a lot of photos to share for this quilt as there is so much to see!

Flowing feathers and swirls in the black sashing around the smaller diamond border design using black Microquilter thread added lovely texture to the open space.  I used grey Microquilter in the smaller diamond designs and quilted loops, pebbles and a tiny diamond in the centre. The batting is Quilters Dream Blend.

I SID in the outer spikes and then added a loop in the black triangle and a V in the coloured triangles using black Microquilter thread.

I was so happy to see the sun shine today as I have been finished this quilt for a few days now and been patiently waiting for the weather to improve to take photos!
Thank you Megan for trusting me with your amazing quilt! 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Icicle Stars


This is Vicki’s Icicle Star quilt and the pattern is designed by Kansas Trouble Quilters.  It might be hard to see but the edges of the stars and the trees are raw edge and machine stitched down.  I used Flirtatious for the pantograph, gold So Fine thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting. 


Vicki also brought a Jelly Roll Race quilt and I used Modernish for the pantograph using grey So Fine thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting.


Saturday, January 5, 2019

Our Third International Round Robin


Lori, Desley, Bronwyn and I are doing another Round Robin, its been over 2 years since we finished our last one. We call it our International Round Robin because Desley and Bronwyn live in Australia.   If you have not seen my previous post on our projects here is the reveal of our first and second one.   This time Lori and I have created the instructions and the basic outline this time is every two months we reveal the block theme and participants have to make 4 identical 12 1/2” blocks, (one for each of us) using that theme.   So in November the block theme was Log Cabin/Log Cabin Variation and on January 1, 2019 we revealed our blocks to each other by email.  Oh and I forget the best part…we all have to have a piece of the same focus fabric in all the blocks.  It took Lori and I forever to find the right fabric, even bought 6 metres of another fabric but changed our minds!   Above is a picture of the fabric everyone has, it is called Gigi by Adornit Girls.  It has a lot of colours to pull from so you never know what colours each person will be drawn to each round!

Here is my block with the focus fabric in the centre of the log cabin blocks.  I found modern bright fabrics to go with a scrappy light beige backgrounds.


Lori made a very similar block ( I almost added the curved center to mine but that little voice in my head said someone else might do that).


Desley and Bronwyn are both very good at thinking outside the box!  Here is Desley’s block and I love how she played with the fabrics to create this look!


And here is Bronwyn's block and she used the focus for her background on her Log Cabin Variation.


Our theme for January/February is Dresden Plates!

Monday, December 31, 2018

Looking Back at 2018

Well another year has come and gone.  This was our first full year in our new home in NW Ontario and even though the aurora is not as bright as up north we did get a few nights in the spring where they light up the sky.   This new year will also be a big milestone for Tamarack Shack, it will be my 10th year in business!   I opened my doors on January 9, 2009 and started my blog soon after.  I am so thankful for discovering this amazing business, actually the business found me and I couldn’t have imagined spending the last 10 years doing anything else.   Thank you to all my clients ( near and far away) for trusting me with your quilt tops, it has been wonderful getting to know all of you!  I think that has been the best part of this business, meeting so many amazing and talented people.
Now this is the time I like to look back and see what I have made this year. I didn’t think I did that much until I started going back through this years blog post and realized I did get a bit done!  I’m so glad I have stuck with my blog and kept it going the past 10 years, it has always been my personal quilting journal as well as a record of my longarm journey. So lets see what I did this year.


At the beginning of January Lori and I released a new Highway 10 Designs pattern called Traction. I had this one finished before we moved and then made second sample in Emo.

I also made a City Slicker quilt using my batik scraps.


I also jumped on the Jelly Roll Rug band wagon and used a batik Gemstone set to make this rug for my kitchen.


This was a special quilt as the pattern was designed by good friends of mine, George and Wendy van der Walt, and I knew when I first saw it I had to make it for my sisters birthday.  The pattern is called ‘Islendingadagurinn’ and you can find it here.


Lori and I made a bright and bold version of our City Slicker pattern using our batik scraps and a black background.

After the terrible bus crash in Humboldt this spring I also made a Bronco’s quilt to donate to those affected by the tragedy.


Decided it was time for me to try some modern bright fabrics and made this “Falling in Love”quilt, pattern by Fabriculous and can be found here.


Baby Quarter Sections using ‘Funanimals’ fabrics.

Saw a sample of this quilt in Keystone Quilt Shop and had to make it!  First time making a Jelly Roll Race quilt.

Roundabout cover
We released a Highway 10 Designs pattern called Roundabout that makes two table runner and 6 placemats.


Diamonds and Squares pattern using Garden Delights fabric.

And our last Highway 10 Designs pattern release for the year, Simply Dashing!

Mineral Matrix was my biggest project this year and I’m so happy to have it on my bed!

And the last finish for the year which was just completed last week, Quarter Sections using Australian themed fabrics. 
So that is 14 finished ( only counted the one Traction, not the one made in 2017) so not too bad! 
Happy New Year to all my blog readers!  Thank you for visiting me and I hope 2019 is full of creative time in your sewing rooms!

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Australian Quarter Sections


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday.  I just got back from visiting friends and family in Winnipeg and can now catch up on my blog posts.   I finished this sweet baby quilt before I left but didn’t get photos of it in the snow until today.  We came home to about 20cm of new snowfall so I was happy to see that!   A few years ago my friend Desley sent 5 fat quarters that have an Australian themed children's print and I thought it was time to cut them up!   I used our Highway 10 Designs pattern called Quarter Sections as it only takes 5 fat quarters for the baby size.  I was very lucky and found a blue for the outer border that matched the prints very well.   I quilted the center with free hand 3’s and E’s design using yellow So Fine thread.  I quilted the border using the 15” QP Curve Template and blue So Fine thread.  I have a tutorial showing how to quilt this design which you can find here.


I only had white fabric for the backing so dyed it a cheery yellow using MX Procion yellow dye.  I used yellow Bottom Line thread on the back and Quilters Dream Blend batting.



When I went out to take pictures the neighbours  horses were playing in the fresh snowfall.


So I ran and got my zoom lens to take a few pictures.


A few weeks ago two of the horses finally came over and let me pet them. Usually they all run away or keep a far distance so that was nice!