Sunday, April 26, 2015

Spoke Too Soon!


Silly me for thinking we were going to have an early spring!   Woke up Saturday to more snow and the lake frozen over again, these are not old pictures but from this weekend.   Today is it raining so hopefully that will get rid of the unwelcomed white stuff!

This is Kay’s Magic Tile quilt and she pieced it with all Christmas themed flannel fabrics.   So I guess the timing of the new snowfall is all that bad, did make a nice backdrop for this quilt. But to be on the safe side I don’t think I’ll accept anymore Christmas/Winter themed quilts until next September! Smile



Kay always asked for a simple stipple on all her quilts, she loves that look so that is what I did.   I used a sage green So Fine thread on top and a gold Bottom Line to match the backing colour.


Please send warm thoughts my way to melt this quicker! 


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Gravity Quilt


I’m sure you are starting to see this quilt around the internet a lot and if not you will soon.   The pattern is called Gravity and it is by Jaybird Designs.   This quilt belongs to the Manitoba Prairie Quilters, which is a guild located in Winnipeg, and this will be their Raffle Quilt for their Quilt Reflections Show on April 8 - 10, 2016.   It was pieced by Joan Dupuis-Neal and she completed the quilt top in four days!    And since it took me four days to quilt I guess you could call this quilt an eight day project! LOL…or maybe not!   We were both doing our best to get this top completed on a deadline so the MPQ buy their raffle license and print their tickets.   I am not a member of this guild, too far away, but if you are interested in tickets you can leave your email in the comments and I’ll forward your comment to my contact person in their guild.  Tickets should be available sometime in June.


So I’m going to warn you now, this post if picture heavy!   

Gravity is a large quilt, 96” x97”, and I was asked to keep the quilting light to keep within the guilds budget and that was no problem as I love light custom, that’s my thing as you know.   So it took a bit of time to come up with the quilting designs and made a lot of those decision went I had the quilt on the machine.  First thing I did was search online for inspiration and only found two completed Gravity quilts.  One is the cover quilt on the pattern which you can see on Jaybirds blog here and the second was on Teresa’s blog Quilting is my Bliss which you can see here.   I used elements from these quilt in the center designs and 95% of the quilting is done with rulers.   For the background I know right away I wanted that to be a different style of quilting from what is in the center to really separate the two areas and allow the center to shine.  This is the first sketch I came up with and it ended up being the final design.  I wanted to have rays coming from the center but also echo the design and I think this was the perfect combination, giving it an overlapping feel.




All the seams on this quilt are pressed open, which is a style of quilting I am not use too so I needed to avoid stitch in the ditch as much as possible.   So out came the rulers, mainly my Quilted Pineapple Templates, love those curved rulers.  This was the first time I tried the smallest one, the BFF, as I usually free hand small CC’s curve.  But I loved how perfect it made the quilted curves look on this quilt as it is made entirely of solid fabrics.


The guild requested that I used Mono Poly thread which I rarely use but in this case it was the perfect chose. It was the reason I could quilt this quilt so fast and I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked the final look, it gave it a bit of a shine too.  I used a grey Bottom Line in the bobbin as the backing was grey.   The batting is Quilters Dream Blend.


One design element that you might not notice right away is that the six center diamonds are all quilted the same even though they are not pieced exactly the same.  That gave the center a pleasant focus even though I wasn’t following the seam line on all of the diamonds.


Here are some close up pictures of the quilting designs.


And yes I was out on the ice this morning, just had too!  It has been cool this week with below freezing temperatures at night so the lake ice is still thick enough to walk on off the end of the dock.


So there it is and I know it won’t be the only one I quilt as a few of my quilting friends are making this quilt right now.

I hope this turns out to be a great fundraiser for the Manitoba Prairie Quilters and I hope to make it down for the show next year.


Monday, April 20, 2015

Picture This Quilt


This is Ann’s Picture This quilt and she purchased it as a kit from the Sugar Pine Company in Canmore, AB.   I just happen to have this pattern and it is in the book Happy Hour by Atkinson Designs.  I love the colours of the batiks in the cover quilt and it looks like Ann does too!  The blocks are 14” so over sized and if you have fabrics with a larger print this pattern is perfect for using those fabrics.



Ann sent a beige Fireside backing, I used Quilters Dream Blend for the batting and the panto is Fascination. Medium brown So Fine thread on top and a light beige Bottom Line for the bobbin thread.


I love the border fabric she chose, look at all the potential quilting design in the print!


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Early Spring!


I was looking at pictures on my blog from last April and can’t believe the difference in the amount of snow on the ground.  The snow is almost all gone now where as last year we still had a lot of snow on the ground.  The ice is now turning grey and we have water along the edge of the shoreline so it is nice to see we are going to have an early spring!  I have my outcrop to use as a backdrop again, I love this rock and many people who come to visit us comment on how eye catching it is.  Its always nice to have an opportunity to put my geology degree to some use and be able to explain the process of how the rock formed!  Not too many quilters have a studio build on a 1.9 billion year old outcrop of a pyroclastic flow from Precambrian  volcanoes…unless you live in my neighbourhood!   Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with any more geology talk…I can’t remember much more than that anyway.


So this is Marg’s Pedal to the Metal quilt, she made a second quilt out of the left over fabrics she bought for the one I quilted for her last week here.  She bought extra fabrics when she made quilt “C” and had enough to make quilt “A” from the pattern.  Then today she showed me the third quilt she is putting together with all the bits and pieces she had left over from this quilt! She really knows how to stretch out those left over pieces!


This time I used Mimosa for the panto, brown So Fine thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting.


This was our view yesterday, its raining today, so I’m sure we have more open water now.


And this is how it looked last year at this time!  The snow was still up to the top of the dock and we had two feet of snow by the Shack.  


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Lone Star Quilt #3


When my client Florence picked up her first two Lone Star quilt she dropped off a third.  She has been a busy lady trying to keep up with all the graduations in her family this year!  Since these are all gifts for granddaughters I wanted the quilting to be the same as the personal colour choices are what makes these quilts different.


Here are all three quilts together!


Saturday, April 11, 2015

Pedal to the Metal in Shades of Brown


This is Marg’s Pedal to the Metal quilt and she chose fabrics similar to what we used on our pattern cover.  The focus fabric is a very nice batik with a sea shell print and she made her diamond accents a shade of navy from that print.  I chose Allium for the pantograph design, a medium brown So Fine thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting.



We have been having gorgeous weather the last couple of days, sunny with highs of 16’c so the snow is disappearing fast!    I had to take these pictures early this morning while the snow was still frozen as the lake is now a wet mess!


The Northern Lights have been wonderful this year, we must be on the peak of the 11 year cycle they seem to follow.    I captured this image on Thursday night and there was activity last night too.


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Grad Quilt


This is Evelyn’s quilt and it is a graduation gift for her grandson who loves fishing and the outdoors.  She used a fish themed panel for the center and two different Bali Pops to frame it.   I love how she used the blue Bali Pop for the top and the green Bali Pop on the bottom.   The quilting is all freehand and I did swirls in the blue and large pebbles and grasses in the green fabrics.  In the panel I just outlined and highlighted the main features with the quilting.  Quilters Dream Blend batting,  4 different So Fine fabrics on top and Navy Bottom Line for the bobbin thread.


I now have a blue Stonehenge backing added to my backings for sale and it was perfect for Evelyn's quilt.