Sunday, June 17, 2018

Wildlife Panels and Photos


Cindy found these really stunning wildlife panels and created a wonderful quilt with a 16 block layout.  The panels are by Robert Kaufman and called North American Wildlife.  I searched online and the only information could find was they would be available in September 2018 in Canada. So they must have had an earlier release date in the States and that is probably where she purchased them. She wasn’t sure of the shop she got them at and the ones I frequent across the border did not have them.


I love the sashing fabric and black borders as they really allow the panels to be the focus.  I quilted it with the Flirtatious and used Monopoly thread so to not distract from the panel designs.  The batting is Quilters Dream Blend.




I thought this would be a good post to share some of the local wildlife pictures I have been taking recently.  I missed a few great opportunities and ended up with shots of animal running away from me!  I need to get a bit faster on getting set up so not to miss the shot I want!

Here is a porcupine running away, I wasn’t going to chase it!


Here is a fox running away with a bird in its mouth. Picture taken from my deck.


A deer by our house just before it ran away!  I’m getting better as he is kinda facing me!


We started exploring our area and took the kayaks to Hope Lake which is about a 30 minute drive from our house.  It was so nice to be back on the lake and my hope on Hope Lake was to see some turtles,  I wasn’t disappointed!  We didn’t have turtles up north but when I was a kid loved catching turtles at my parents cottage.


We ended up seeing a few painted turtles and 4 huge snapping turtles!  There were two on a beaver hut and I was able to get a shot of one of them before it ran into the water. Another one caught me by surprise as it ran down the outcrop into the lake.

hope7 (2)

Now this last one was mostly buried in the mud and we thought it might be dead so Tim tapped it with his paddle and his head poked up!  Can you see him in this next picture?


There he is!   When we paddled back that way a few minutes later, creek was blocked by a beaver dam, and he was gone.


There were wild irises in bloom in this creek that were beautiful.


Sunday, June 10, 2018

County Fair Quilt

This is Sandra’s County Fair quilt and the pattern is by Fig Tree & Co.  The fabrics are Moda Farmhouse also by Fig Tree & Co.   Sandra asked for custom quilting and I know I can never over quilt a quilt for Sandra as she loves to wash them right away to see the wonderful texture in the quilting.   

This quilt has four borders so I quilted simple feathers in the outer border, then swirls, loops and a feather curl in the inner most border.  The sashing is all stitched in the ditch and I added CCs in the Nine Patches and loops in the white sashing.  I left the black with white polka dot fabric unquilted as that fabric needs to stand on its own!  I stitched in the ditch around the flower blocks and added feathers in each petal.  Then I added a feather motif in the white triangle background and CC’d the corners to tie in with the CCs in the Nine Patches.

I used white So Fine thread on top and white Bottom Line on the back, with Quilters Dream Blend for batting.

The backing is a white on white tiny grid print and shows off the quilting beautifully!

Since the quilt is called County Fair I had to take it to the Emo Fairgrounds to take a few pictures.

sd14 (2)

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Fat Quarter Fizz Quilt


This is Coleen’s Fat Quarter Fizz quilt and the pattern is a free download from Fat Quarter Shop. Here is a link to the pattern.  As you have probably guessed it is a fat quarter friendly pattern and with the rectangles being 6” x 12”.   This would be a fast project and a great one for digging into your stash.


I chose the Fascination panto as it is my larges scale design and to my surprise the repeat in the piecing matched the repeat in the panto.  So the large swirl quilted out down the center of each row perfectly.  I used beige So Fine thread and Quilters Dream blend batting.



So things have been a little wonky with Blogger these past two weeks. It seems they can no longer email notifications when a comment is left on a blog.  This was an extremely handy feature and how I replied to any questions in the comments.  So now if there is a question I will have to answer it in the comment section.  I really hope they can fix this problem as I now have no way to know if there are comment being left on older post!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Batik Tablecloth


This is Diane’s Batik Tablecloth and she created the pattern herself.  She was having fun playing around with triangles and came up with this design to cover one of her tables.   Since it was for a table I had to try it on one of mine!  I really like how nicely it drapes!  She asked for custom quilting and I made sure that the quilting designs had even density so that it laid flat knowing it was going to be used on a table.


I stitched in the ditch around the colourful batik triangles and used a ruler to create the arrow design in the triangles.  Free hand swirls added a contrasting texture in the light background.  I used white So Fine thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting.


We had a lot of rain over the weekend and everything is so green right now.  I’m hoping this coming weekend will be sunny so we can take our kayaks out for a paddle.


Saturday, June 2, 2018


ew1 (2)

This is Ellen’s Daydream quilt and it is a pattern by Swirly Girls Designs.  Ellen made this quilt for her granddaughter and I love the fabrics she used!  The sashing in this designs is very unique as well.  I quilted it with a new pantograph called Poplar and I really like how it looks and stitches out.

ew2 (2)


Ellen brought Warm and Plush batting which I have never tried and it quilted up nicely.  Its a bit loftier than their regular Warm and Natural batt and paired well with the Cuddle/Minkie backing.


ew7 (2)


Thursday, May 31, 2018

Suitable for Framing Quilt


This is Stacey’s quilt, the pattern is called Suitable for Framing and designed by Cheryl Wittmayer.  She used Japanese fabrics with different textures and a Black Cuddle backing.   It is a gift for a guy so she asked for a masculine quilting pattern.  I showed her a few of my favorites for guys and Plush was the winner!  I used grey So Fine thread.sk3


I like to suggest clients use Quilters Dream Puff batting when a quilt has Cuddle for the backing and is going to be used as a couch lap quilt.   The Puff has more loft and is lighter than the regular Blend so give the quilt a very soft feel.   So that is what we used on this quilt and it worked wonderfully!