Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I Need To Get Some Sleep…Maybe Tomorrow! :)


I’m glad my neighbours don’t mind me hanging out on their front lawns to take aurora pictures!  I wanted to try a new location and my friend and neighbour Myrna said she wouldn’t call the police if she saw flashlights in her front yard late at night!  Actually she came out to join our viewing of the lights as I was teaching another neighbour the basics of taking aurora pictures.  It was so fun to share my passion and get someone else addicted to this hobby!  One of the first pictures we took were as the lights started to spin and create a swirl, that was so cool! It is a new show each time I watch!


The clouds started to move in but created an interesting effect.



This shot shows the lights from the cottages on my street and the red light on the end to the right is my ‘favourite’ street light!  I just can’t get away from it!


I have been quilting and am almost done a large custom quilt but tomorrow I’m off to the Dauphin Quilt Show for the weekend so I’ll post that quilt on Monday!


  1. Fantastisch, zulke prachtige luchten.
    Die aurora boralis laat mensen prachtige bargello's maken.
    Hele mooie foto's.

  2. LOVE the pics....keep them coming. Totally awesome

  3. Wow, Kathy, these are all gorgeous. The clouds are a nice effect, and I love the cottage lights in the last one too. Has this been an unusually good year?

  4. Keep 'em coming! I really enjoy the Auroras!

  5. OH MYYY!!! I hope to see those one day as they are so beautiful and fascinating! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos!!

  6. Its just incredible that you are able to capture such good photos at night, heh? Keep posting them!!

  7. I so appreciate your posting these pics. Seeing the aurora is on my list. Hope maybe next year I can get up north to see them. In the meantime, I have your blog!

    Carole S

  8. So lucky to see these right outside your door...well, your neighbor's door, but still :)