Saturday, February 25, 2012

Just Takes Two - Part 4

Here is my next set of Just Takes Two blocks. I have been really good at keeping up with the instructions so far.  The next set come out on Thursday.  So Lori is the kitchen reno keeping you from your blocks or have you found some time to work on them?  I'll do my best to motivate you so you don't get too far behind!  The paper pieced blocks would not take you long to do but you might not like the applique one ;)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Dreaming of Spring

This is Val's Tulip quilt and it has a wonderful spring feel.  I used a pink Lava thread and Belladonna for the panto as it has a tulip style flower.

 This next picture was taken today....I am definitely dreaming of spring!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Town Square

Here is Robin's Town Square quilt that she was working on at the last guild retreat.  I was over at her place a few weeks ago and she showed me all her quilts top that are ready to be quilted....all 17!!!  So she said I could pick which one I wanted to quilt for her next as she had her name on my February list.  Yet another example of how I have the 'bestest' clients in the world!  Yes I know 'bestest' is not a word but I'm using it anyway because they are better than best  ;P
  So I picked this one...I love brown and blue.

The blue outer border and the lighter print square have a print that reminds me of ripples from raindrops on water.  So I chose the "Curlz" panto as it has a swirly water feel.

I think picking out the fabric for your backings is just as important as the fabrics you chose for the tops. Here is a perfect example of a well chosen backing that just flows with the quilt top. When this quilt is on a bed and turned down when about to be used it will look so nice. I have made a few bad backing choices in the past that have really taken away from the quilt top so now I try my best to not buy the 'cheapest that will do' but the 'cheapest that looks the best.'  :)

 LOL... I just realized these are the colors of my website, no wonder I picked this quilt.  :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Northern Lights at their BEST!

Last night we saw the best Northern Lights we have seen since moving up north 16 years ago. It was incredible to watch.  My son even said it was better than watching TV!  :)    So we got out the camera, tripod and ran down to the lake. My husband took these pictures with his camera as he knew how to keep the aperture open longer on his camera.  I just stood back and watched the night sky in awe.

These next 4 picture were all taken in a one minute time period so you get the idea of just how fast they were moving and changing. Note the red edge to some of the lights, I had never seen that before, they are usually just green.  These photos are looking west over our house, you can also see the constellation Cassiopeia in the top right corner.

This one was taken just to the right of our house.

These next two were taken looking straight up!  They pretty much ran right across the sky from east to west.

This one is was taken looking south toward the constellation Orion which we only see in winter.

And this last one towards the east which is a perfect shot of the constellation Leo. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Venetian Dreams

This is Bonnie's Venetian Dreams quilt. I did my homework before you asked and found out it is a Fons and Porter pattern from their Easy Quilts magazine from the Fall of 2009.  I really like how this pattern highlights large scale prints.  Bonnie's blue and brown fabrics work so well with this design... I am now imagining some of my batiks done up in this pattern. Oh the hazards of this business :)

She chose my Quilters Dream Wool batting and I love the definition wool batting give to a quilt.
I have tried other wool batts and Quilters Dream is by far the best brand out there.

The panto is called Taro by Urban Elementz.

Yes this pattern is definitely going on my 'To-Do' list!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Oak Leaves

This is Valery's batik quilt and she said I could quilt it however I liked!

The colors reminded me of Fall so oak leaves seemed to be the right free hand design to quilt in borders. 

I had asked Desley for some advise on how to quilt his one. I wasn't sure whether to quilt CC's in the squares, thinking that would take too long, or an allover design.  She didn't think the CC's would take that long so I went that direction and she was right. I mentioned I might do leaves in the outer border and 
she though leaves would also look nice in the setting triangles as well. Again she was right :)

I have to admit that when as I was quilting the CC's (continuous curves) I found myself  thinking ..."oh missed that corner", "oh that curve is to wide",  "darn that curve is too narrow"....then when I looked at the finished quilt top I was happy with the end results.  So keep that in mind when your quilting your projects, don't worry so much about the little wibbles and wobbles because when you look at the quilt as a whole you just don't see them.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cozy Flannel Quilt

This is Donna's Flannel quilt and it is made up from all her flannel scraps. I love the colors and how cozy flannel quilts are, I could see this one anyone's bed or couch as a cuddle quilt.  She didn't use a pattern but made the same block and just reversed the strips in each row and added a scrappy inner border.

I used a panto called Happy Times, it is one of my favorite inexpensive 'go to' pantos that has really nice movement.
We have been having really nice weather, sunny and -5'c so far this week!  I'll take that for February.

Oh and here is what I made my boys for Valentines day yesterday. I made 5.

Nothing says love like BIG homemade cookies!!  :)
I actually ate a whole one yesterday...I don't even want to think how many cookies that was equivalent too!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Addicted to Snow Dyeing

Yup... more snow dyed fabrics!  I want to have a nice selection of hand dyed fabric to sell at our guild's Quilt Show in April.  That's my excuse anyway :)
I was playing with Cerulean Blue and Fuchsia.

Then I dyed Chino and a mix of Chino and Cerulean Blue.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Curved Nine-Patch Done

I finished my Curved Nine-Patch quilt top this weekend.  I wasn't sure how just using three color would work but it turned out nice and I like how the yellow curves look around the nine patch.  Now I have to figure out how to quilt this one.  It has a lot of great space to play in so that won't be hard to do :)

This last picture got me in the snow dyeing mood so I have 4 fabrics chillin' and they should be ready in the morning.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Quick Curve Ruler

Do you have your ruler yet?
I have my first block made for Jenny's Urban Nine Patch Quilt Along and I am really impressed with her Quick Curve Ruler.  I chose to use three soft colors and make a baby quilt using nine of these blocks and I might even try dyeing some flannel for the backing. I enjoy sewing curves and found this method so much fun and the design options are endless. I have a pile of bright batik fabrics ready to be cut next using Jenny's ruler and Urban Abacus pattern.  Check out Jenny's ruler on her website and see all the wonderful patterns she as to offer.

* This isn't an advertisement, I'm just a happy customer*

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

White as Snow

This is Melba's quilt and she asked for free hand feathers and wool batting! Great combination!  It may be hard to see but the quilt top is actually pieced with different shades of white fabric and there is a subtle star design but it is difficult to photograph.

Here are a shot of it in the house.

Okay and now some more outside!  :)

The back is an extra wide solid white so you could say this quilt is reversible!

You can see how the ice has turned white and rough from our warm spells, no more crystal clear ice :(