Saturday, September 3, 2016

Encore Performance!

Thank you all for your comments on my last post, it is good to know you are enjoying my photos of the Northern Lights.  I really enjoy taking and sharing them with you!   We had a repeat performance of the aurora last night so I was out again in my pajamas at 1am taking pictures.   The lights were even more spectacular and and active with color and movement.  This first picture above really captures the edge of the lights against the black of the nights sky!  I thought it was a failure when I took it but once I put it on my computer and realized how clear the stars where and how sharp an edge it was.  With long exposures the sky does not usually stay so dark.


There was a dominant red edge for a lot of the time which happens when they move fast.


I have taken this type of shot before with our boat in the bottom and the reflection of the lights in the calm water.  But this time the lights are more vibrant!


The patch of clouds in the sky created a cool effect with this next image.


There were up to four different bands of light across the sky at its most active point.


Then they start to dance and go crazy!


These last few pictures are my favourite as I was able to capture a few bursts looking straight up.  I saw this happen about four time but they happen so fast it is hard to get the camera set up to capture them.


One more thing to add about this night was that while I was watching the lights I was also listening to the sound of wolves howl in the distance.  One was pretty close, just across the lake and calling to at least two to others that were answering further away.


  1. Wow, what a place you live in! Spectacular!

  2. Kathy, your photos are beautiful, and may be the closest I'll ever get to the Northern Lights, so keep 'em coming, in my opinion. I really want to see the lights for myself someday, and in the meantime, your photos are a real treat.

    Carole S.

  3. Makes me homesick - while I love living in south USA, I miss the beauty of the Canadian north. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Wow, envy you so much! Northern Lights and wolf howls!!

  5. Another amazing night. The pictures are spectacular! Thanks again.

  6. Outstanding. Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. Oh, those wolves are talking about you, Kathy! Maybe drag someone else out there with you next time. That last shot really is amazing, to catch it right at the start like that. They are all beautiful -- thanks again!

  8. The last shot is similar to fireworks. WOW

  9. Greetings from another coast on Galveston Island, Texas in the Gulf of Mexico.
    Thank you for your sharing the beauty of delightful!
    Thank you also for your very inspirational!
    Truly the world can enjoy your talents!

  10. Beautiful! I would love to see them someday and I didn't realize they moved so fast. Thanks for the photos.

  11. Fantastic pictures! The thought of watching the aurora in the middle of the night with wolves howling sounds like heaven to me! Lucky you!!