Monday, August 16, 2021

Summer Images

Thought I would check in as I haven't been doing any quilting or sewing this month.  Just enjoying the last few weeks of summer before I start back to longarming in September.  I have been taking a lot of hummingbird photos as well as other birds in the area.  I find it to be a great challenge to capture those images and a great thrill when I get a few really good ones. These first photos were taking this morning on my deck. This female hummingbird was not scared of the clicking of my camera as she we enjoying the nectar of the Blue Salvia flowers. 

A few days ago I was able to capture the fighting between the males at the feeder as they are so territorial.  It happens in a blink of an eye, you can hear them chirps at each other and their wings clashing together making a very distinct hum sound like a card in the spokes of a bicycle.

The gold finches are still good amusement.

Have been seeing a pair of eagles around the neighbourhood.

While out kayaking I have been getting brave and bringing my Canon camera with zoom lens!  Love seeing the loons again and hearing their call.

And we found a local attraction on Rainy Lake while kayaking last weekend.  This mermaid was created in 1930 and is an icon of the area.  She is 'human sized' and by the amount of lichen growing on her you can tell how high the water can get on the lake.

I have been pointing my camera to the night sky as well.  This shot of the Milky Way was taken from my back yard.  We have been making the best with all the covid restrictions this year and just enjoying  and appreciating what is around us.