Sunday, February 28, 2010


Last night I was dyeing fabric again....only a few jars this time, and I really wanted to work on this 'white patch' problem.  Tried a few things differently and got one result that I am VERY happy with.  My goal it to have fabric that is similar to Moda Marbles or Mates, not the Tie Dyed look.
So i redyed my pink that had a huge white patch and here are the results.On the left is my original pink and on the right is it redyed using the same fabric dye formula. That is what I want!!
I also dyed a fuchia which had a few white areas and a turquiose and I glad I'm finally seeing the results I am aiming for.
Guess I wasn't consistant with my lighting as my floor has 4 different colors here, and I took those last three pictures in the same spot close to the same time.  Hummm.....

Saturday, February 27, 2010

My New Addiction!

So since I didn't buy fabric yesterday.....I made some!!  Well I didn't exactly make it but I did dye it.  This is my attempt at triad dying....using fuchsia, turquise, yellow in different ratios.  My favorite fabric turned out to be the one i goofed on!!  So maybe just experimenting is the way to go.
Here are the first two fabrics I dyed two weeks ago...still trying to figure out why I'm getting white spots?
Here is my 'whoops' fabric on the left below and I redyed the navy fabric seen above with more turquoise to darken the white spots

Friday, February 26, 2010

Black, Red and White

There is something so striking about a black, red and white quilt.  The real head scratcher is what color of thread do you use??  When in doubt go with the color that blends in the best, in this case black was the winner ( dark sashing dark thread).   I have just pieced my own black, red and white quilt but the sashing is white so will probably go with white thread on that one. 
I originally planned to use a really nice music themed panto but it just looked like scribbles on the border so I stopped. After looking at all my pantos I realized that my tried and true Fasination panto would be perfect. It always adds the right texture and movement to a quilt.
So there is a quick end to my fabric venture story.   Lori and I headed down to The Pas today to see the fabric and talk deals with the manager.   I was pleasently surprised at how many fabric I liked and how well they would be for backing but once it came down to the numbers it just wasn't feasible for me to purchase it.  They only have their fabric on sale for 25% off.....seems kind of odd if you trying to clear it out.  Anyway I feel good I stuck to my plan.....I was only going to buy at a certain price and that just wasn't going to happen so....NO DEAL!  
I still need backings for my quilts i have another idea!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Irish Chain and a Possible New Venture.

This quilt was so nice to work on, I absolutely love this colors my client chose and got to quilt some of my favorite designs. I really need to make an Irish Chain quilt one day, its on my 'to do' list.
I basically took last week off and am glad I can now focus on my quilting again.  Quilting can be very theraputic and relaxing but when your can't concentrate on what your doing it is best to stay away from the machine.  I listened to that little voice, see I'm learning.
So part of my morning was spent picking out stitches on a quilt because I realized that the panto I special ordered for a clients quilt didn't really suit it.  Okay that and maybe the fact I am really distracted by new potential venture.  Yesterday I got a call from a hardware store in The Pas (a town 140km away) and they wanted to know if I would be interested in buying their fabric .....all or some of there fabric stock.  They can no longer carry it in the of yesterday in a sense.  The store manager really fought to keep it for the last year but upper management have now made it impossible for her to offer fabric for her customers and she wants it to stay in our area.  Our town has no fabric shop so you can see my reasons for even considering something that I said I would never do.  What to do?   My hubby is 100% supportive and I am pretty sure the local quilters would support this too.....RIGHT?????? ( I'm hoping for some comments here). The next step is to go down there and see the fabric they have.   I know the more I take the better the deal.  But I also know that if they want too much for it I can walk away.  I honestly never really wanted to sell fabric but have considered just carrying some bolts of wide backing fabric.  I also realized that shopping online whenever I need a fabric is a pain in the butt! 
So I think it will have to be a really good deal for me to take on this venture... 300 bolts of fabric is a lot to store in my house!! Am I crazy?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Together Again

A very special relative of mine passed away last night.   My cousin Norma was only 3 years younger than my Dad so they grew up together like siblings. When they were young she loved to shout down the hall at there high school  "Hey Uncle Gordie" just to bug him!  She was the matchmaker that introduced my parent to each other and has a very special place in my heart.
This picture was taken in 2006, the last trip my parent made out to Alberta to visit, and it is the last picture we have of them together.  It's one of my favorites!
But this one is my absolute favorite, that is my son Daniel when he was two getting a big smooch!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Bazaar Quilt

Here is this years St.Ann's Church Bazaar raffle quilt.  It will be raffled in October and tickets will be available starting in June so you all get an early sneek peek at this beautiful lap sized quilt.  Yes it is the one that I ripped the feathers out of and I think you'll agree that the cross hatching is more suitable for this quilt.  I have to let you in on a little ripping tip.....I used a razor blade not my seam ripper to take out the feathers.  I unpinned the top and worked between the top and the batting with the blade and had all the stitches out in 2 hours.  I'm sure a seam ripper would have taken 8 hours.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Why Don't I Listen

You know that little voice in the back of your head that you like to ignore because your having fun and don't want to stop and listen...well I should have listened.  I now have a weekend of picking threads to look forward too. Why does that voice always have to be RIGHT!  Or more to the point why do I not listen to that voice that I know is always right. 

The conversation went something like this..

Me- Oh feathers would look great in this border!
Voice -Feathers don't suit the fabric
Me- The thread color I picked looks great!
V -Feathers don't suit the fabric
Me-Wow...the tension is wonderful!
V-Feathers don't suit the fabric
Me-These feathers are turning out great!
V- YES but they don't suit the fabric!!!
Me- DONE the top border!   *stands back to admire work*    Hummmm...I can't really see the feathers and it kind of looks like scribbles on this fabric.....
V - Do i need to repeat myself.....
Me-*sigh*......were's the seam ripper.....*grumble grumble*

That voice also told me not to post a I'm listening to the voice!  You don't want to know if I'm picking beautiful feathers of YOUR quilt do you? 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I have been busy quilting up a storm and just finished another clients Magic Tile quilt. This time she used blue fabric for the lines instead of black and it has a softer effect, very pretty.  I used my Double Plume pantograph on this one and a bubble gum pink So Fine thread.
I also finished a clients small Minkie baby quilt using the Double Bubble pantograph.  This panto is one of the hardest pantos to follow as circles are very tricky on a longarm. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Funky Flannel

My client brought me this cute flannel top and wanted butterflies quilted on it as it is for a little girl.  I used my Butterfly Charm Pantograph and turquiose thread. I really like the layout of the squares on this quilt but do not know the name of the pattern.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh No....I Crossed the Line!

I have to admit I cross the line this time...repeatedly!   Remember how I like to go on and on about how stitching across the black lines in a Magic Tile will ruin it...well what a lie that was!  Why do you guys listen to me??  Here is my clients beautiful Magic Tile quilt and she wanted a panto across it!   Usually when asked to panto this kind of quilt I give my speech about how stitching across the black will take away the 'stained glass' look..blah blah blah.   But this time that speech didn't could out of my mouth. I loved the colors in this quilt and I had the perfect colored Rainbow thread for it and thought....I can do this! I didn't even have second thoughts as I started quilting it because it looked GOOD! 
Hummm...what other rules of mine should I break next?

Friday, February 5, 2010

There is a Bear in my Berry Patch....

...I think that's what the guild named of this quilt.  This quilt is heading to the Northern Juried Art Show in Gilliam Manitoba in April.   I was asked by the guild to take this traditional style quilt and make it "Artsy".   That was a's not an Artsy quilt and no matter what I do to it it will still be a traditional quilt.   So not wanting to disappoint my guild I did my best to have fun with it and approached it one block at a time.   I think it turned out more whimsical and folky but that is what it 'Whispered' to me.  I hope the guild members are happy with it, that is what matters.  In the quilt I hid a bee hive, bunny, butterfly, dragonfly and some bear scat ( *big grin* just had too).

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Hope I spelt that right!   Quite a few months ago Lori lent me the Pajama Quilter book/DVD by Dawn Ramirez. It is excellent and I am now addicted to Dwirling.  This is a great quilting pattern for any quilter....beginner to experienced and is a lot of fun.  I just made two more batik tote bags...they are for my brother-in-law and his fiancee wedding social, they are looking for door prize/draw items.  I am more than happy to make them a few bags.  I just pinned the batting to my longarm frame then pinned the batik 9patch on top and dwirled away.  I then line the bag after it is quilted, that is why these was no backing on the frame.  I also made placemats awhile ago with the dwirling design too. 
Hey... did you notice that I was the weiner.....I mean winner of Pieceful Kwilters contest the other day!!  Go check out her blog and go back a post or two to see my other talents...LOL!  I won a handmade quilted pouch bag made by Shannon so that is very exciting as she is such a talented quilter, I really enjoy her blog.