Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Mystery

Here is a clients Mystery wall hanging project that she did in a Christmas theme.  I was waiting for the snow and then a sunny day before I took pictures of this one.  This was my first attempt at the Ribbon Candy design which is in the light border. I had to turn the quilt on the frame as I knew I wouldn't be able to do that one sideways on my first try.
Well I hit my quilting limit this month, the magic number 14.   That is 14 quilts finished before my wrists started to object to the amount of quilting I have been doing recently.  Tim said I should rest my hands this weekend so no quilting.   Resting is something I'm not very good at so I found a quilt top to piece...he didn't say I couldn't piece :)  I also did a lot of online shopping, lots of great deals.  If you like to shop at the Fat Quarter Shop today is the last day you can use this coupon code "blackfriday" and you get 20% off.  Just used it this morning!!
Today my wrists are much better and I have 3 more quilts to finish before my Dec break and then on to my own projects.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Garden Frills

Here is a fun little girls quilt made by yet another great quilter in the making.  Yup, another first quilt by someone who has caught the quilting bug and will soon learn it's addictive side effects!
I thought my new panto called Garden Frills really suited the fabrics in this quilt.  I really debated about buying this pantograph as I can do this design free hand.  Am I getting lazy?  Maybe.  Or maybe I just really like how evenly spaced pantographs look on a quilt.
Tonight we eat cake as my youngest son turned 11 today!  Tomorrow we eat cake as that is when his friends come over for a sleep-over party! 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Luckiest Longarmer...That's Me!

I can't believe my run of luck with beginner quilters.  When my client brought me this quilt she said it was her first quilt.  This is a pretty ambitious first quilt and she is obviously a natural.  She also knows how to pick complementary colors for a quilt as well, and in batiks!!  It rolled onto my frame beautifully and I just can't help but brag at how lucky I am to be surrounded by amazing quilters.  Must be something in our northern air!  

After looking at this quilt for a few minutes I suddenly realized that the blocks were from our local quilt store BOM project in 2005.  I have quilted about 5 of these quilts so far and have another one on my list for January.  But done in batiks looks like a completely different quilt.

I used my Whirlygig pantograph with light sage green thread to blend with the batik colors.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Iron Rant

That's right my $150 Rowenta iron is in the garbage!!  GRRR!  When I was sewing on Friday I noticed a few drops of water off the bottom of the iron so I quickly unplugged it as it looked like it was coming from the area around the cord.   I few minutes later when I came back to look at it my ironing pad was soaking wet! All the water had drained out of the iron onto my ironing pad!!  Double GRRRR!   I bought this iron a year and a half ago and I had heard the stories about how some Rowenta's leak but usually the ones made in China.  This one is made in Germany.  So off to Walmart I went and got a new $40 T-Fal iron.  I like the T-Fal irons, that is what I had before the Rowenta and I know they will last more than 1 1/2 years!

I have been busy quilting but most of what I have been working on are clients christmas gifts and since I was told by a follower that she caught her hubby checking out my blog one night I though I better be careful what I post!  Too funny!

I updated our guild's blog this morning ( link on the left sidebar), lots of great quilts to see there. We had a retreat and you can see my project there.  Also added a post about the great Trunk show we had by two past presidents at our Nov meeting. 

Here is a peek at what I was piecing when my iron crapped out.  The fabric collection is called Let it Snow by Moda and since we now have a lot of snow here I was in the mood to cut it up and get this quilt made.  I'll show you more once I get it quilted in December.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


I have been coveting this fabric collection called 12 Days of Christmas by Kate Spain since I first saw it this fall.  So when my client opened up this quilt top when she brought it to me, I gave out a squeal of delight ( in my head that is, I wouldn't want to alarm her!)   The backing is a beautiful red with a snowflake pattern so I was challenged again with red thread in the bobbin and white on the top.  I can't imagine using white on the back as it would have ruined the beautiful snowflake pattern.   There are a few quilters on the internet that insist on teaching people to quilt with the same colored threads on top and bottom so I just want to briefly stand on my soapbox and say don't be limited by what you are told.  The tension dial is put on your sewing machine for a reason so just try it!  

I hope these pictures put that myth to rest!

I used a new pantograph call Hollyberries by Lorien Quilting.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Finally Some Blogland Love!

I started following the  Quiltmakers 100 Block Blog Tour  this week and all the bloggers involved are giving away this magazine.  Well I didn't win the magazine (yet) but I did win a set of acrylic templates from Toby's Gateway Quilts N Stuff Blog    Thanks Toby, I just love this block and love making curve pieced quilts!
Now even though I didn't win the magazine my friend Lori did today!  When I found out I won the templates I called her right away (to brag) but she wasn't home.  Half hour later I get a call from her say she won the magazine. We both won!!  Awesome day.
Oh, one more link for you to check out.  This made me giggle.
I was wondering were all my new followers were coming from and I bet it was from this post.  Thanks Martine for including me in your favorites.
A big WELCOME to all my new followers too!

Grad Quilt

My client asked me to quilt this amazing grad quilt for her granddaughter.  She had photographs of her GD arranged on the quilt like someone just placed them down on the quilt so I quilted the quilt like the photos were placed on top after it was made. ( got that?)    I quilted the lines to follow the shapes in the piecing and not the photos.  I stippled the red squares and center triangles and made tiny loops in the black triangles to make the photos stand out more.( hard to see the quilting in the pictures I know).  The outer red triangles I quilted straight lines radiating out ( love that) as I didn't want to over quilt this quilt, the photos and the center embroidery is the focus.  The backing is red so I used red bobbin thread and was able to balance the tension when i used white on top.  I REALLY don't like the look of different colored threads on a backing, it just looks too messy for me, I would rather spend the time getting the tension just right.   
Just woke up to our first significant snowfall so it looks like winter is here.  I'll take some pictures today as I love the first snowfall of the year, especially when I don't have to drive in it! 

Friday, November 5, 2010

November is Going to Be Busy!

This week I quilted a few baby quilts for a client. You may remember this quilt in pink from a few months ago, now here is her blue version.  It just cries for custom quiting, it's so cute! 
I have also been sewing costumes for the local production of Alice in Wonderland and they have 5 girls playing Alice. 5 Alices equals 5 Alice costumes!    I made 3 of the blue dresses for Alice and 5 Alice aprons.  I am glad to have helped but that is about all the time I can give to this project as November is my busiest month for quilting.  I take December off so try to squeeze in as may quilts as I can in November.

Here is another one of my clients baby quilts and I used my new Hearts Galore pantograph.

And another that I stippled and looped around the 3D pinwheels.

Tomorrow our guild will be raffling our Irish Chain quilt at the local craft sale.  I think I'll be buying a few tickets on this one as it is a real beauty.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Munch, munch, munch....I just can't stop eating Halloween candy, I must be a bit stressed (see my post on the guild's blog).  So I spent the day working on the new Mystery quilt trying to salvage what I could from what felt like a train wreck yesterday. A new day always puts a better perspective on things and I managed to fix the mistake using the miss-cut fabric and my extra. I feel very confident now that everyone else doing this project will have enough fabric since I only bought the required amount.   I purchased my fabric out of town ( like everyone else) and it was $20/m black batik so I was very happy to have had enough.  Black is not an easy color to match especially black batik! 
The quilt above is my clients 2009 Mystery quilt.    She is traveling half way across the world right now and  hoped I would post pictures for her so she could see it when it was done. *waves Hi *    Glad the weather cooperated today and I could take pictures in my favorite spot.   I used a new pantograph called Wildflowers by Jodi Beamish.
Hope you had a fun Halloween!  Munch, munch, munch......