Monday, December 27, 2010

My New Blog Book Is Here

Look what arrived in the mail just before Christmas.  It's my blog in book form!  I ordered it in early December not really knowing what to expect but am very pleased with the results.  The pages are glossy and the photos are nice and clear so I am very happy with the quality of the book.  This is just of my blog entries for 2009 and in January I will order 2010.  The company I used was blog2print and I would highly recommend them.   I was able to choose which posts I wanted to include, pick the photos for the front and back covers,  and pick the cover designs (they have about 25 to choose from). The only thing I couldn't change (or didn't figure out how to change) was the color of the title on the cover. It is pretty light but that's not a problem as it is just for me anyway.

I think this would be a great idea for our guild's blog as well.  It would be nice to have a hard copy of our  meeting blog entries in our library for historical purposes.  So guild ladies what do you think, should we make a guild blog book too?  The book cost less than one color ink cartridge!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Surprise

Look what I found under my tree this year!  I have such a sweet hubby and he said he even bought it before I asked.  Then he gives me a card that says I'll find the rest of my present is in the garage.  I jokingly say "What a new car too!!!"   LOL.   So off to the garage we go, up the stairs to his train room and there on the floor is a BIG box.   Inside was all this!!!

I was shocked to see the Volume 1 Start Set!

Now I know why he suggested we cook our turkey yesterday and just relax today. He knew I would have to try it out right away and of coarse I did.  But which one to try...there are 19 dies ( one was still in the box with the cutter)!!  I decided to start with the Tumbler block.

I found 5 oriental fabrics I bought about 3 years ago, thinking I would collect more but I didn't, and started cutting.  I was able to cut 6 layers with no problems.

Not sure if I'm going to start sewing or find more fabric to cut!!
Hope your christmas was full of surprises just like mine was.
Merry Christmas and Thanks Tim!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

My Winter Wonderland

For the last two days our northern forest has turned into this beautiful Winter Wonderland with all this frost and snow.   I have found trees with frost crystals 2 inches long just covering all the branches.  
I thought I would share a few of the pictures that I took today.

Just after taking the above picture a breeze started to knock off the crystals and as they fell they made this beautiful clinking sound.  I managed to get a shot as the frost crystals fell, it was like a mini blizzard.

I would like to wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Snowglobes and More

I had purchased this cute snowman fabric a few years ago on a trip and thought it was time to chop into it.   What better way to use it up than to make snowglobes!!   Who doesn't feel like a kid when they look at a snowglobe.  Don't know if I'll use them or save them for gifts for next year.  I have enough fabric left of this collection to make 4 more.

Also used up all my leftover Let It Snow fabric and made a few placemats for my table.

Then I found my mini curved blocks that I didn't use in my Beach quilt so made a small wall hanging for my bathroom.

Now I just finished piecing this top from a Bali Pop I purchases a few years ago.  The sashing is left over strips of hand dyed backing I used on my boys Scrappy Star quilts.  Now I have to dye backing for this one.
I have decided that my New Years Resolution this year will be to not buy Bali Pops, Jelly Rolls or any other precuts if I do not have a plan for them.  How long do you think that resolution will last?  :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Let It Snow

This fabric collection is called Let It Snow by Moda and it was just one of those collections I had to have when I saw it on Green Fairys website.  The pattern is called Line'em Up and is from the book Fat Quarters Anonymous by Daniela Stout.   I used a new pantograph called Flurry by Threadsongs and light blue/green So Fine thread on top and bottom.  The backing is a Stonehenge fabric and I am really liking this fabric line for backing, they have great texture and colors without being too busy.  My picture doesn't quite have the true color of it, it is more aqua then blue.

Two quilt for me in one month!!  It is a really good thing that I quilt for others or I would have a room full of quilts from feeding my quilting appetite.  I think this one will go on my guest bed but I will admire it on my bed today then get the binding on it tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Winner's Bouquet

I slept under my quilt last night!!   I have been working on this one for about a year now but I consider working on a quilt from the time I started collecting the fabrics.  As you can see I didn't add the extra echo.  I still wasn't sure until I started rolling the quilt off the leader bar to get a better look.  Once I saw the whole quilt I knew it was done, I just went with my gutt feeling.  The quilting looks very balanced to me and I am happy camper to have it on my bed. The pattern is called Winners Bouquet and is by Atkinson Designs.

I stole a piece of art from my livingroom to hang over my bed.  The colors matched perfectly!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Just Roll'n Along

So here is what I decided on for this quilt.  Just a flower design in the diamond shape, one echo and a swirl design in the melon shape and a petal and swirl combinations in the print batik blocks.  The only thing I might add is another echo in the melon shape, what do you think?  Does it need another echo?  I'm on the fence about it.

Quilting the curved lines in the ditch and the echo have been made so much easier using these curved "Boomerang" rulers.  I have been using the 15" boomerang as it has the same curve as my piecing.   I originally bought them for curved crosshatching and have the 20" boomerang as well.   There is also a 12" one and you can find them at DeLoa's online shop here .  She has a great video on how to use them and samples of how the curved crosshatching looks.

Here is my border treatment.  Circles in the green and a curly vine in the outer border which is very hard to see even standing at the machine.

I'm not quite half way done and I'm starting to lose my modivation with it.  Lot's of starts and stops but I really want this one done and on my bed so I just need to focus and get it done.

Here is a view of the backing.  I know it is a busy print but it's the right color beige and with it being a bed quilt no one will ever see the back anyway.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Remember This One

Well my Winner's Bouquet quilt it is still not quilted.    I believe I post a picture of it in May when I finished piecing it and the 'sit and share' design method that I have been using for 8 months hasn't helped too much.  So today I got it out and posted a few pictures on a quilting forum to get some ideas going. I know what I want to do in the colored batik shapes it is the beige background with it's odd shape that has me stumped.  One quilter suggested repeating the football shape and fill it with pebbles and that got me thinking of a few designs.  So here is what I have doodled so far using my plexiglass design board. Is this design too 'over the top' for this quilt?

Which do you prefer the design in the left football or right football?  And if you have any suggestions on how to quilt this one I would be very happy to hear them.

I'm starting to think I'm crazy for wanting to quilt this design on a queen size quilt ( 94"x110").  It's a biggy.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Change of Plan

So I had a grand plan to meander feather this quilt of mine.  See the is because I picked them all out!  When you decide to feather a quilt make sure it is a quilt that will look good with feathers, this one did not.  I looked like someone barfed thread all over it! Seriously it looked terrible. I realized that quilts with busy prints really don't suit that type of quilting, good lesson to learn on my own quilt.  So out came my Butterfly Charm panto and I am much happier with the results even thought I didn't get to practice the quilting I wanted to.

This quilt is a 'just because' quilt. It doesn't qualify as a stashbuster as I had to order $75 worth of fabric online for the green sashing, border and backing.  Then when I added the butterfly border I thought I had ruined the quilt, the butterflies are quite dark compared to the softer colors in the center .  I ordered my favorite fabric from these collection (Heavenly Hollyhocks) and it really wasn't the best choice for the border.  One of the other floral ones probably would have been better but once I added the green binding I was able to relax as it looked better.  These are not the types of fabrics I normally choose and is the last collection from my Northcott winnings...I am afraid to total the cost of all the fabric I bought to go with my FREE fabric.  The expression " nothing is free" is so true but it was still fun to win.

Today was suppose to be a baking day as my youngest has the day off school.  But unfortunately his is laying on the couch with a bucket as he now has the flu.  Poor little guy, a day off school and he gets sick.  That's a real bummer.