Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Oh Canada!


I have been rushing to finish my Oh Canada Quilt as tomorrow is Canada Day and happy to report I got the binding finished last night.   I have admired this collection of fabrics for a long time, it is called Oh Canada, which is a Stonehenge collection by Northcott.  I had not seen it made into a quilt that inspired me then I realized our Quarter Sections pattern would work perfectly and I’m very happy with the how it turned out.   I bought 16 fat quarters of the collection, 13 different prints were used in all as I bought two fat quarters each of the red and black fabrics as well as the white Inuksuk print.



I used the Maple Syrup panto which is so appropriate for this quilt!  A beige So Fine thread, Quilters Dream Blend for batting, and Stonehenge backing.


The sky is still very hazy here with all the forest fires in Northern Saskatchewan blowing their smoke this way.   We have had a few good rains but it is still dry up here.


To all my Canadian blog readers Happy Canada Day!


Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer Break!!


Here it is, the last client quilt for June and I’m excited to have the next two months off to work on my own projects and just enjoy our short summer.   I’ll still be posting over the summer just not as often.   I have a few guild quilts that I took to do and will be sharing what I’m working on.

This is Valerie’s Batik quilt and she couldn’t remember the pattern name but it is a jelly roll quilt.   The batik prints had a lot of botanical designs so I chose Greenery for the panto and used a medium brown thread.

Greenery .0225 


I also want to share something interesting about my longarm machine.  I have a 2008 Millennium from APQS and I recently discovered when I had it serviced that it has an hour counter hidden in the back under the cover!  I thought this was pretty cool.   My hour count is 1223.2 of stitching time.  So if you have this machine you can check to see if you have this counter too!


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Quarter Sections in Cloud 9 Organics


Here is another quilt made by Terry and this time she made our Quarter Sections pattern using Cloud 9 Organics fabric called House and Garden.  Really gives it a modern feel and she purchased this as a kit from Fabriculous in Swan River. They still have kits available in their shop using this fabric collection and she also has kitted up this pattern using Tim Holtz fabrics which would give it a completely different look.


I used the Bora Bora panto on this one as it adds a soft flowing texture to the squares like wind across the prairies.  Quilters Dream Blend batting and White So Fine thread.


Monday, June 22, 2015

Ballerina Quilt


This is Terry’s Ballerina quilt and it is a pattern by Jaybird Designs.    The fabrics are all Cotton and Steel which have quite a variety of patterns from arrows, flowers to horses.  Quite an eclectic collection and the oversized blocks in this pattern really highlight the fabrics well.  I used the panto Fascination, a light green So Fine thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting.


Terry used an aqua flannel backing which really suits the quilt as there is a lot of aqua in the fabrics.


Well yesterday was the summer solstice and the sun rises here at 5:10 am and sets at 10:30pm.   It finally feels like summer now so Tim and I enjoyed a long kayak on the lake.  We are very lucky to live on a lake that has so much shoreline as the lake has four main channels, ranging  from 6 to 14 km long, so lots of shoreline to explore.


schist lake

We had stopped to watch the fish swim under the kayaks in a shallow area and Tim noticed something on the shoreline outcrop.  On close investigation we discovered it was a survey marker.


It says “Dominion Lands Surveys, Seven Years Imprisonment for Removal, 1919”.    We left it right there, not that we could take it as it is drilled and cemented into the rock.  Cool piece of history of our area though, I really enjoy those discoveries.


Hope you are enjoying your summer (or winter) so far and that is it filled with discoveries of your own.    Only two more quilts to go and then I take my two month summer break!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Modern Quilt and the Giveaway Winners!


This is Donna’s Modern quilt and it a baby gift for a family members.  I was expecting a smaller baby quilt but this one is 58” x 80”.  It is more for decorating the nursery as the room is done in grey and aqua and maybe the mom will use it to sit under when cuddling the baby.  I was able to try one of my new pantos called Gatsby and I really works great on a modern quilt.


I used a grey So Fine thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting.  The backing was a soft grey print.


Now to the winners of our Detour Kit Giveaway!   I mentioned that if I hit the milestone of 1000 followers I would make two draws and I was very excited to see that happen so thank you!  Here are the winners…

draw1 winner

The first winner is comment #40.


Congratulations Michele, I’ve emailed you to get your mailing address and will send you the blue kit.


The second winner is comment #74.


Congratulations Grandma M, I know your mailing address but have emailed you to give you the good news and you will be getting the brown and teal kit.  That worked out well!

Thank you to everyone that entered, it was fun to read your comments and see new names that I didn’t know where visiting my blog.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Four Patch Charm Quilt #5

This week I’m sharing Eileen’s Four Patch Charm quilt with you.     I thought it was time I quilted it a bit differently than the one I did in my tutorial.    She did say I could quilt feathers but this doesn’t feel like a feather quilt to me.  So I changed it from pebbles with the odd swirl to lots of swirls and some pebbles.  Not a huge change but  I really like how it looks as it reminds me of swirling water on a beach. 

Eileen used all batiks on the top and blue Stonehenge on the back.  I used beige and brown So Fine thread on top and a medium blue on the back.   I love how the quilting shows up on the back.

I was really surprised to come across this pin on Pinterest.   One pin of my Four Patch Charm quilt has been repinned 10,362 times! Wow!

Don’t forget to enter my draw to win a kit with our new Highway 10 Designs Detour pattern.  You can enter here and I’m making the draw on Saturday.