Thursday, September 28, 2017

Longarm Set Up!


We have now been in our new home 3 weeks and things are going well.  Boxes all unpacked and now it is time to start on the ‘to-do” list to make this place more finished.  The main level is pretty much done except I need to paint my bedroom as that is the only colour of walls in the house I do not like. But that’s not priority, especially since one of the walls in our bedroom is almost 14’ tall!   I already painted our closet and that was a big enough job with the high wall on one side! 

Living room still needs a rug, blinds and more pictures on the wall but it is cozy and functional.  I’m happy with all the kitchen cupboard space and the island but now my lovely painted table and chairs don’t match this kitchen!


I have my longarm all set up but haven’t had time to use it yet.  It will be nice to walk around both side of the longarm as I had it pushed to one wall in the Shack.


I am going to order some lower cabinets to have in that nook and use it as my cutting station and store clients quilt tops and finished quilts.  I’ll move out the white cabinet that is sitting there and have a counter top and cabinets right across the area.  I keep coming home with new cabinet and counter top samples as I keep changing my mind! 


And here is the messy side which is a dumping ground right now but I think I’ll keep my sewing machine cabinet on that wall.    Hope to have Tim make me an moveable ironing station at some point in the future and keep it along that wall.  But his first job is to add more lights!  There is only two pot lights in that whole space so we have ordered 4 more and he will install them as soon as they arrive!  So we are making progress and hope to get back to sewing soon!


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Unpacking Begins


We are now in Emo, Ontario and got the keys to our new house on Sept 6th.   The moving truck arrived Sept 7th and the unloading day went smoothly with no problems.   I got the boys right to work unpacking the kitchen boxes as they came off the truck and we got that room organized.  Always a challenge to arrange items in kitchen cupboards and when I was stuck on a few areas my oldest son jumped in and solved the problems.   His merchandizing skills from working at a grocery store came in very handy!

Many of you asked about my new view so here it is!  Very different from my last one but I am going to focus on the positive and enjoy the big sky and open spaces. I’m sure it will take a bit of time too not feel so exposed as I was so use to being surrounded by trees.  The country side here is very beautiful with rolling hills, open fields of hay, grazing cattle and even bison close by.  Then 40km north we are back in the Canadian Shield and lakes everywhere which will be fun to explore next year.


I did managed to hang one quilt in the house so far as it was the perfect spot for it in the hallway!


And I was glad that I took the metal quilt blocks that hung on the outside of my Shack and spray painted them white before we left.   They look great on the front of the house.


  My new quilting studio is full of boxes and that will take a while to unpack and organize but it is such a great space!   There are parts to a longarm in there somewhere!


So I’m not sure when I will have something quilty to share next but I just wanted to check in and let you know that the move is going well.  We are all feeling good about our new town and the people here are very friendly and welcoming!