Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Misty Pines #2


This is Bev’s Misty Pines quilt and the pattern was in the Jan/Feb 2013 issues of McCalls Quilting magazine. This is the second one I have quilted, you can see the first one hereI quilted it with the Curlz panto, used grey So Fine thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting.


We had a beautiful frosty morning yesterday which made a wonderful backdrop for this quilt.


Monday, February 26, 2018

Camper Quilt


This is Kathi’s Turning Twenty quilt and she made it for their camper!  I love the cute fabrics she chose for this project with the trailers, paddles and fish.  She asked for simple quilting so I used Bora Bora for the pantograph, light beige So Fine thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting.




Thursday, February 22, 2018

City Sampler Quilt


This is Irene’s City Sampler Quilt and it is a pattern from Tula Pink’s book 100 Modern Blocks.   Irene used batiks to make her blocks and a polka dot white on white print for the sashing and borders.

ih2 (2)

She wanted the quilting to be modern as well and we decided on straight lines spaces 1/2” apart.   I’m so glad I have channel locks on my longarm, they made the job so much easier!    Irene’s perfectly pieced blocks also helped!  I think the lines really suit the quilt and lets the pieced blocks shine.  I used white So Fine thread on the top and white Bottom Line on the back. The batting is Quilters Dream Blend.



So many wonderful blocks to look at! 





I really should stop putting my clients quilts on my guest bed for photos,  just makes me want to make one for myself!


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Jelly Roll Rug and More.

Well I jumped on the Jelly Roll Rug bandwagon and made a rug!  The pattern is by Roma Quilts and you can find her pattern at her Etsy page here.  I started making the ‘rope’ in January when I was at the Gimli Retreat using a Gemstone precut called Canadian Rockies.    I started to sew it together at home and well….ended up with a very large bowl!  I had a good laugh about that!

So I ripped it all out and started again after some advise from my Instagram friends!   My mistake the first try was I was pulling the fabric through the sewing machine, you have to let the machine do the work. I also wasn’t working on a flat surface and just had my Bernina sitting on a table. So the second time around I but my Bernina in my Janome cabinet and added a table behind making a level work area.  This worked so much better and I could see the difference right away. If you are making this rug and see it is starting to ‘bowl’ just stop and rip, don’t keep going like I did and think you can force it flat later!  

My Bernina 350 did a fantastic job sewing this together, and I didn’t even have to use the walking foot!  On my first try I started with my 6500  Janome with the walking foot on but it was skipping stitches and looked terrible.  I quickly switched to the Bernina and had no stitching issues.

It now sits in front of my kitchen sink, nice and flat!

I was at a quilt retreat this past weekend with a group of local quilters. It was so nice to hang out with these talented ladies and work on a few of my own projects. 

 I made three more Diva Wallets and I just love how quickly this go together.   I made another one out of cork and the other two are batiks.

I was also able to get a good start on my own Stellar quilt.  Lori had made our cover girl for this Highway 10 Designs pattern so I thought it was time I piece  one of my own.


Saturday, February 17, 2018

Two Fabric Bargello #2


This is Gail’s Two Fabric Bargello and the pattern is by Susie Weaver.   Gail made this quilt at a class at Up North Quilt Shop last year and this is the second one I have quilted, you can see the first one here.  Gail used a floral ombre fabric so I decided to use molar feathers as the petals in the fabric print are similar to the shape of these feathers. I then quilted a wavy vertical design in the black fabric to match the print.  I used gold Bottom Line thread on top and back and Quilters Dream Blend batting.


Its been very windy here so I haven’t been able to take my quilt photos an any interesting locations. I was lucky to just get these pictures in my back yard and only had to chase the quilt  few times! 



This is a great wall hanging and again looked wonderful in my kitchen!


Monday, February 12, 2018

Critter Boxes


This is Rhonda’s Critter Boxes quilt and the pattern can be found in the book Critter Caboodle by Brandywine Designs.   This quilt is for Rhonda’s fourth grandchild that is turning 1 year old this month.  She wanted a simple panto across it and we chose Happy Times.  Thread is a off white So Fine and the batting is Quilters Dream Blend.


Rhonda did a lovely job with her machine applique and used a satin stitch around all the animals.


Friday, February 9, 2018

Five Small Quilt


This is Lucinda’s Five Small quilt and it has a great story.  She made this quilt for her brother and used fabric from a red dress that belonged to their mother.  The dress was a bridesmaid dress that her mother altered into a regular dress so it was one they remember her wearing.  Lucinda added this red fabric to the quilt to create a wonderful family keepsake.  I love the idea of incorporating these memories into a quilt!


The pattern is called Five Small and is from Fons and Porters Modern Patchwork, the Nov/Dec 2017 issue.  It was even quilt on the cover of the magazine.


She asked for heavy custom quilting so I did pebbles and swirls in the background and CC’s in the darker fabrics. I stitched in the ditch around the red fabrics.  I used Microquilter thread on top and Bottom Line on the back.  Batting is Quilters Dream Blend.


Here is a peek at the back.