Monday, August 28, 2023

Bag Making


The only sewing projects I have been work on this summer are my waxed canvas bags that I have been selling at local markets.   I did one market in the spring and 2 this summer, with plans to do a few in the Fall and Winter.  I have been making the Redwood Tote, pattern by Noodlehead Designs.  Its a great everyday bag cross body bag as it holds quite a bit, has a zipper on top, lots of pockets inside and out and the extra handles are very handy! I am using one that is similar to the one pictured below and am very pleased with the design.  The purple one above and the green one below are all I have available right now but I have a teal one cut out and ready to sew.

These next two sold right away so made them again and those sold too. 

Sold 9 of the 10 Cambridge bags, pattern by Hammerstitch, so that was a great seller. This is the one I have left and will probably make a few more for the Fall market.

Also started making the Haralson Bag which is another Noodlehead pattern.  Its a modern version of a fanny pack that you can wear cross body, slung on your back, or around your waist.  I have these two left and will be making more!

These next ones sold quickly.

Peek at the inside fabric. It has a zipper pocket inside and on the back.

I also started making the Devon Pouch which is a Sotak Handmade pattern.  My friend Lori suggested I add a cross body strap to them to make it hands free so added the leather straps to a few and as left the wristlet so they can be used both ways.

Still making a lot of the Norfolk Wristlet Pouches, another pattern by Sotak Handmade, those are a great seller and fun to make!

And the Essential Pouch, pattern by Sotak Handmade, are quick to make and my Star Wars themed pouches are always the first to sell!

So its been a fun adventure making and sell bags these past 6 months.  Its a nice change from making quilts.   I'll see how the Fall and Xmas markets go and when I get tired of making and selling bags I'm sure I'll find something new to focus on.  But for now there are still quite a few new bag patterns I want to try as I enjoy the challenge of learning a new pattern.

Sunday, August 13, 2023

Summer Photos


Its been a month since I checked in on the blog.  Not a lot of quilting going on just spending time outside with my camera.  My main focus has been birds and the challenge of capturing their motion. That part still needs a lot of work and practice but I have mastered the sitting bird!  LOL!

I discovered a large patch of Milkweed near my home so now understand why I have been spotting more Monarch Butterflies this year.  Didn't catch any on the Milkweed just one blurry shot of it flying away!  Lots of bees and butterflies and I even spotted a hummingbird in the patch. 

Did get this nice shot of the Monarch in my flowers so made up for the failed attempts in the Milkweed patch!

We have been kayaking every week since the beginning of June.  Retired life is great as we can just head out when the weather is good.

Spent some time at a relatives cottage and enjoyed some stargazing while photographing the Milky Way.  Was thrilled to see I caught a Perseids meteor breaking up in my selfie shot!  

And of coarse my hummingbirds are still my main focus. We now have about 6 regular visitors to our feeders on the front deck.  Can get chaotic at times as they fight and speed around but very entertaining.

Love the tail fan!

I did manage to get one to come to me to feed out of my hand feeder, now he sits on the table and guards it, too cute. 

I also am trying a window feeder so I can watch them closer from inside the house. ( Yes I'm aware how obsessed I am with them). ;)  It took a few weeks for the hummers to start using it and now it is being used often. Its fun to watch them checking out their reflection. I can also sit quite close to the window and as long as I don't move suddenly they will stay. 

 One of my favorite shots this month, a hummingbird in the spruce tree.

So that has been my summer so far and I have been doing some sewing but I'll save that for another post.