Tuesday, August 22, 2017

One Last Show Before We Go!


I was so happy to view the Northern Lights last night as the nights are finally getting darker and the viewing season is just about to start.  I hope this means it will be a good week of viewing but I’m just so grateful to have had one more evening of running around in my yard in the dark with my camera.     This next picture is one of my favorites from last night as I took it in the spot where we cut down a large tree this spring and it created a window to the sky!

aurora2 (2)


The picture above and below are looking straight up!


Here are the lights over my house!


Looking across our bay as the clouds move off into the distance.



  1. I do enjoy your Northen Lights photos. We never get to see them in Mississippi so it is a treat. Will your move change all of that?

    1. Yes, I'm moving 1200km south of here so the Northern Lights won't be as brilliant and as often. But I will get to see them once in awhile.

  2. I also appreciate seeing these photos, thank you. I think I'll miss seeing them! At least they are putting in a show for you before you leave - but a new adventure soon starting for you. :D

  3. We will all miss your sharing of the Northern Lights with us. Hope our move goes smoothly and you soon have another Tamarack Shack.

  4. Very cool pics. Did you try to take any of the eclipse??

  5. Beautiful! Thank you and good luck with your move.

  6. It must have been a special Bon Voyage to you from the Lights! :)
    I am sure you will miss the lights in the "south" but will find some other things of interest here in Ontario.
    Wonder what that Welcome Home statement might be for you?

  7. Great photos of the northern lights! They certainly put on a show for you before you move.

  8. Wow! Love seeing your pictures of the Northern Lights. So glad you are enjoying some last viewings. ~Jeanne

  9. Simply stunning, and my favorite color combo! You'll certainly miss your location!

  10. What a wonderful surprise, I didn't expect any more Northern Lights photos from you. I am so pleased they are putting on a Goodbye show for you and your camera, what a talented woman you are! I look forward to hearing from you again and wish you all the best for your move.

  11. Just discovered your blog after downloading your free pattern/tutorial for the 4-Patch Charm Quilt from someone else's blog. These photos of the aurora borealis are truly spectacular, thank you for sharing them! You'll probably miss this in your new home, but I'll bet Emo will have charms all its own. Congratulations on a successful move, and I look forward to looking at all of your old posts and some of your new ones too! ~Diana from Toronto