Thursday, May 28, 2020

Mineral Matrix #2

Diane finished her Mineral Matrix quilt which was a BOM project back in 2018 at Up North Quilt Shop.  I made one as well which you can see  here.  This is a large quilt, 105"x105" and fits so nice on a queen sized bed.  I quilted Diane's with the Taro pantograph, used a sage green So Fine thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting.

This is the same quilt I have on my bed and I even painted the walls a light green to match mine.

My husband has been home for 2 weeks as we were planning on going to Nova Scotia for our 25th wedding anniversary but that has turned into a Staycation this year. So I have been keeping him busy with projects around the house. He built a short rail fence in our back yard that looks out into the green space to the north so I can hang quilts on.   Its typically windy here but I did manage to get a few shots of this quilt during a calm second or two!  

 But then I realized why fight the wind, just go with it!  Windy quilt videos it is! :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Murder Mystery Quilt

Linda made this quilt top as a Murder Mystery Quilt project from 2019.   Each month participants were given a chapter of a mystery novel and then a pattern for blocks for the quilt.  At the end you guess who the murderer is based on the clues hidden in the quilt.  Here is a link to the Murder Mystery website.

Linda added a few extra border to the top and bottom to make it longer and I love the fabrics she chose, they really set off the flower blocks and Tiki Masks.  We decided on Floral Chain for the pantograph as it has that tropical feel and looks like floral leis. I used a light blue thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Lug Nuts at the Speedway

Gail finished her Lug Nuts quilt that was a Sew Along project at Up North Quilt Shop this winter.  I just loved the purple batiks she chose, they really show off the pattern so nicely.  Since Gail lives in Emo, like I do, I thought I would take her quilt to the Emo Speedway for the photos.  I don't think I have taken pictures here for my blog and this is the perfect quilt to highlight this location.

So Emo is a pretty small town, its actually not even a town but a township. But it has its own speedway and it's right in the center of town.  See Google maps image below!   I know most places have speedways a few kilometres from town. Not here! LOL!  I can hear the cars racing and the announcers over the loud speaker from my house!  Good thing we enjoy stock car racing and that it is only Saturday nights in the summer.  Doubt there will be racing this summer and that will be missed. 

 There are actually three tracks here.  Go-cart in the center, Stock car and then the outer track is for horse racing.

I used a pantograph on Gail's quilt called Taro and used light purple So Fine thread.  The batting is Quilters Dream Blend batting.

Gail saved her extra triangles and inset them into the backing like the pattern suggestions.  When I measured her backing I realized I could make the inset design run horizontal or vertical and we decided on horizontal.

This was a fun location to take pictures and show off Gail's quilt! Wonder if any of the other quilters have finished their Lug Nuts from the Sew Along?    

Friday, May 15, 2020

Vintage Boardwalk Quilt

I love when Phyl mails me her machine embroidery quilt tops to custom quilt for her, they are so fun to work on. This one is called Vintage Boardwalk and the pattern is by Kimberbell.   You can find this digital embroidery pattern ( and others) at Road 17N.

 I took my helper down to Barwick to get some shots of this quilt by the river and the lighthouse.  And I got a lot of great pictures so was hard to narrow them down for the blog post, so this post is photo heavy! :)

There are still a lot of embellishments for Phyl to add to this quilt that is why you see some emptier spaces where I don't over quilt it.

I quilted this quilt with only white So Fine thread, that saves time with no thread changes and really highlights the quilting details on the quilt.  I used Quilters Dream Blend batting.


I always save my favorite shot for the end.  Thanks for trusting me with you fabulous quilt Phyl and I can't wait to see it with all the extra embellishments!

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Cottage Garden Quilt

Lori pieced this lovely quilt called Cottage Garden and used a collection of fabrics called Cascade Meadow by Connecting Threads. You can find the pattern for sale on Connecting Threads website.

Since the fabrics on this top are quite busy but the backing a lovely teal blue I thought Wildflower would work well on the front and shine on the back.  I used a teal So Fine thread and Pellon 80/20 batting.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

City Slicker in Brights

Lori made the Highway 10 Designs City Slicker quilt using bright blender fabrics and a white background.  She left the panto chose up to me when dropping off 4 quilt tops and then added "I like dragonflies".   So I knew that Dragonfly Pond was going to go on one of them and the bright summery colours on this quilt made it the perfect choice! 

I quilted it with white So Fine thread and she brought 80/20 Pellon blend batting.

Monday, May 11, 2020

More Waxed Canvas Totes!

I can finally share more of the Waxed Canvas totes I have made and gifted recently.  This purple one is for Lori, my partner in crime at Highway 10 Designs, and I added a black leather strip to this one. I had the batik in my stash that matched the purple canvas perfectly.

I found this great fabric called Fusion- Splash Grey, by QT Fabrics, for the lining.  

I loved this fabric so much I put it on the inside and outside of the next bag I made which was for my sisters birthday which is today!

The pattern is called The Ruby Waxed Canvas Tote by Fabriculous Quilt Shop.  This is also were I get my waxed canvas from...and I got the last purple roll.  Sorry! :)