Sunday, June 25, 2017

Four Patch Charm Quilt #6


This is Laura’s Four Patch Charm Quilt which is my free pattern that you can download off my blog sidebar as a PDF.  I love the colours of the batiks Laura used, they remind me of sea glass colours.   She asked if I could quilt it just like my original quilt and I was happy to oblige!  I quilted all the pebbles and swirls free hand as well as the CC’s in the triangles, just used a straight ruler for the SID.   I used an off white Bottom Line 60wt thread on the top and bottom and used Quilters Dream Blend batting.


So this is my last client quilt for June and I plan on working on a few of my own quilts this summer when I can find time and I promise to share those with you!  I also have a guild quilt top that I want to finish for them as it is a large one and wouldn’t be fun for them to quilt on a domestic machine.  So I will still be blogging just not as often.



  1. Love this quilt! The sea glass colors are my favorite. Downloaded the pattern, thank you.

  2. Beautiful quilt and beautifully finished by the quilting :-)

  3. Beautiful! The quilt colors and the quilting coordinate beautifully! Well done by you both!

  4. I am going to miss that lake in the background if your shots ... But I'm sure you'll find somewhere just as scenic to share your beautiful work with us.

  5. Have to chime in on Kathy's behalf. They're moving 4 to 5 hours south of my location where there are lots of lakes and some rivers. I just hope they find property in a similar setting.

    1. I must apologize to Kathy. I was confusing two areas. She'll be in a farmland setting. Still very beautiful country side.

  6. I did this quilt and finished it last month - or was it the month before? Sorry, I've lost track. I do know that my best friend is telling everyone that I'm sending it to her - and I keep saying WRONG!.. I'm considering making a second one for her, but I probably won't since I already have fabrics for a different quilt for her. :) Anyway, just about anyone who's seen it loves it. Thanks for the pattern :)

  7. What a beauty! Everytime I see this quilt on your blog I think I must make it! Fabulous quilting.

  8. Really pretty quilt, and thanks for the pattern...will have to try it soon.