Thursday, March 15, 2018

Sweater Weather Quilt


This is Shelly’s Sweater Weather quilt and the pattern can be found in Quilty Magazine, Nov/Dec 2017 issue.  The designer Lorna from Sew Fresh Quilts did a great blog post about her design here.


Shelly added her own applique designs with the tree and moose on the sweaters, so cute!  Definitely not ugly sweaters!   I used Flurry for the panto and I actually spent some time figuring out how to get the large snowflakes to line up in the toques!  The batting is Quilters Dream Blend and the thread is a grey So Fine.


We had lovely blue sky today but as usually a bit windy making the photos a challenge.



Still lots of snow here but it is melting fast!


I had a nice surprise last Friday night, I finally say Northern Light for the first time since moving to Ontario.   They can’t compare to what I use to view up north but it was really nice to be out taking pictures in the middle of the night in my pj’s! ;)


One nice thing about our new house is I have a large window in my bedroom and was laying in bed when I noticed the green glow outside.  I was able to watch them for about an hour before they disappeared.



  1. very Cool! The quilting and the northern lights.

  2. Snow,lights, and the quilt, superb panto for that design. fits it to a "T".

  3. Wonderful quilt! I actually made one too, it was fun! So nice to see the northern lights in your blog again!