Friday, March 15, 2019

Animal Parade

This is Linda's sweet Animal Parade baby quilt.  She used applique designs in two pattern books to create her quilt, Animal Parade and Animal Parade 2 by Cheri Leffler.  She based the background and owls on a pattern in Animal Parade called 'Whoo Dat and then added the other animals creating her own final design.

I quilted double leaves in the outer border, stippled the background and SID around the animals.  I quilted CC and feathers in the top and bottom pieced stars.

Linda used cotton and wool to do the appliqued animal. She embroidered the bees and ladybugs too!

The batting is Quilters Dream Wool, so lovely to quilt with!

I used teal and yellow So Fine for the majority of the quilt and then as I quilted details on the animals I matched thread colours.


  1. Love everything about this one! Great job both of you.

  2. That is adorable! Beautiful job on the quilting. My granddaughters first word was Owl, she just loves them.

  3. The eyes, the blue bunny, and sleeping owls as the other one looks sideways, truly stunning. Love the quilting details, those animals stand out so well, and a squirrel in the tree trunk, more detail there. What a wonderful quilt.

  4. WOW! I love it. Great job, Linda and Kathy.

  5. Oh, this is absolutely adorable! I really like the mix of the patchwork and the applique is perfection! Excellent choice of batting, there is nothing better than wool batting! Wonderful job to you both!

  6. What a super cute quilt! Your quilting is perfect for it, too.