Monday, June 8, 2020

Explore Quilt

This is Jenni's Explore Quilt which is a fabric line from Moda by Deb Strain.  I have seen this quilt as a kit at Road 17N in Winkler, MB.

I quilted it with the London Fog pantograph as it give the feeling of fog off the lake or smoke wisping from a camp fire.  I used beige So Fine thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting.

I feel in love with the backing fabric Jenni used on this quilt, its called Fly Home by Hoffman. It looks like a watercolour painting!

I have been having fun lately taking bird pictures in our yard. I have challenged myself to improve my skills on this subject.  I started with a pair of Kildeer that were making a nest in my driveway a few weeks ago, had no idea they made their nests out of gravel in the open. They didn't end up using this nest but are still around the neighbourhood.

My husband made me a picnic table feeder, not sure who would claim it, the birds or the squirrel.  Birds have definitely claimed it. Here is pair of Goldfinch have a discussion with a Chickadee.

Blue jays are always nice to spot.  There is a pair in the neighborhood I see often.

But my main challenge has been the humming birds that visit our feeder.  
I finally figured out how to capture their wing feathers in photos! In this first photo I even caught her tongue sticking out!

But this next one is my absolute favorite. Wings stretched out, nose approaching the feeder and feet ready to land. 

This female has a beautiful metallic green back in the sunshine!   My feeder is in the shade so I'm not always catching their colours well.

The male has been making an appearance and showing off his red throat.  


  1. I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of the birds. Those hummingbirds are so amazing!

  2. Your hummingbird photos are so beautiful!

  3. Your photos are great. Kildeer are amazing especially how they lead you away from their nests. Humming birds are hard go get a good photo of. I did manage one once. Pinic table is adorable.
    The quilt looks stunning. Love the back.