Thursday, March 5, 2009

5 days and 5 quilts later...

Yup, that's right, it's March 5 and i have already finished 5 of my 10 quilts for March. I think i need to learn how to pace my work better.
Anyway here are the second and third Stack and Wack quilts i worked on for clients. I did custom quilting on the wildlife quilt and was very happy with the 'leafy-loopy' design i created for the pinwheel.

This floral Stack and Wack is done with a Pantograph called Belladonna. It tulip pattern goes well with the floral fabric which i noticed later had tulips...i mean i noticed the tulips then picked the panto :). I debated about thread color with this one as the pinwheels are blue with flowers and the background it i went with green thread. Why green...well it worked as a neutral on this quilt, i find greens work great if your stitching across high color contrast.

I just loaded a 105" square quilt onto my Millennium tonight so that should keep me busy for a few days. I think this is the largest quilt i will be able to quilt on my machine.