Sunday, March 8, 2009

The 'Well Travelled' Quilt!

Yes, this quilt has quite the story as to all the countries it has been to before it's completion but i'll let Trina comment on that if she wants :) But i will say it started and finished in Flin Flon!

Trina pushed my comfort zone and made me quilt a design i really wasn't sure about at first. But i want my customers happy and it was very important for her to have a Maple Leaf on the blocks. So i drew out a leaf and used my laser light to follow the design and it looks fantastic!!! I was so worried it would distract on the piecing but it didn't.
Here's the back!

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  1. I am soo happy and pleased...I started this quilt in 05when we where still in Flin Flon, before we moved to Kentucky. I worked on it in Kentucky some. When we moved to Slovakia I wanted to work on it but trying to buy a good machine was difficult. of the first thing I did here was buy a good, if simple, machine, in Veinna. I was able to get the top finihed but knew I wouldn't be able to quilt it here. This was when Kathy was setting up her Longarm. So this quilt ( my Fall Quilt, have a winter, need sring and summer)has been around the world.
    Again thanks sooo much Kathy, for moving out of your somfort zone and doing the leaf, and everything else!
    My Fall quilt: 4 countries and around the world!