Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Whats Happening to Me?

Usually when faced with a situation where public speaking is involved i get very nervous. Over the years i have gotten more comfortable with it as i have done many programs at our guild meeting but still always have that nervous stomach feeling even if it doesn't always show. Last night when i had to run the guild meeting for my first time i was expecting to get that nervous stomach feeling...but i didn't, not even a bit! If this was a year ago, i would have been worryed about the meeting all month long. What has happened to me? When did i grow out of this 'shy disease' i have delt with all my life.
Lori's theory is that it's all her doing (which of coarse it is... everyone at the guild knows that) but then she said that 'her work is now done and she can move on"......NOOOOOO! She can't move...what if i have a relaps who will pull me out of my shell again, who will remind me to take my medication :) Yes, i am in deep denial about her future move but until i see a moving van in her driveway.....i'll just skip along in my happy little world with my fingers in my ears singing"..... LA LA LA LA" when i hear " has Lori heard when she's moving yet".


  1. I can soo understand this.. I skip along until the moving truck pulls into MY driveway.. It is hard to see friends go but thanks to the interenet we are only a keystroke away!
    Good job with the shyness thing.. I too have won out over mine. It was either get over the shyness or never leave my house. Making a railfence table runner. Looks good so far!

  2. I don't think the "jitters" "nerves" "butterflies" go away during public speaking. They hide until it is done and then it is time for a rye and coke. Don't concentrate on your friends having to leave, concentrate on them being here. One day you too may see a moving van in your yard. That is part of the business of life.

  3. You did a great job of organizing the day and hosting the evening events! I never would have guessed you had a problem with being the spotlight of the evening! You and Lori make a great team with so many creative ideas for the guild, etc. so you must keep it up by email... ha ha! This is truly a unique guild and I am so glad to be a part of it! Now as for my quilting skills well need to work on that one!

  4. Learning how to post a comment on this page and well made a few oopsies... and what happened to that post, etc. Anyway, trying it again with my name and not anonymouse said... hope this one works....

  5. Thanks Gail, glad you didn't give up on learning how to post a comment.

  6. Kathy, I don't know how you did it, no matter how many times I get up in public to speak I still get butterflies, sweaty palms and turn red. Even after teaching (sometimes large) university classes for years.
    Some friends do move away, but look at us, 10 years later and still keeping in touch. I do miss you, though.

  7. I think what helped is that i really focused on the fact that these are 40 FRIENDS that i was standing infront of. I'm positive if it was strangers it would have been a wreak!

    Miss you too Deb! I keep hoping that we will see each other again.