Thursday, April 9, 2009

Need Some Help!

Here is a picture of my new magnetic bowl that i bought at Princess Auto for $5.99. I just love it and it sits nicely on the metal rollers on my frame so my pins are never far away while i'm pinning on a quilt top.
Now to my problem. Well it's not really a problem but more like 'quilters block'... :) This is my quilt and i just loaded it on tonight and i don't know what design to quilt on it. The quilt is all batiks and i have a purple variagated thread. I know i want an all over design but i want to try something new. I think it should have a swirly feel as the piecing is so geometric but with it being a batik the quilting really won't stand out too much.

So please share your ideas with me. I'm afraid i might end up stuffing my face with chocolate all weekend if i don't have something to quilt :)
Happy Easter!


  1. Purple always reminds me of flowers for some reason. On my blog travels I saw a nice design of a fiqure 8 on it side that then looped to a daisy like flower. I am sure with your talent you could do it free motion! Good luch = I know whatever you decide it will look great. I just love how you did Eileen's. Just getting ready to leave for my sister's so have a happy easter.

  2. I agree with Yvonne about the flowers -- or maybe something ivy viney leafy !!