Thursday, May 14, 2009

Twirly Whirly

Last week i finally got to watch the DVD i ordered awhile ago in how to quilt feathers using a longarm. The DVD is called Twirly Whirly Feathers by Kim Brunner. This is an excellent DVD for anyone who wants to learn how to do feathers even on there home sewing machine. I found that Kim taught the feathers in a way i could really understand and was able to quickly produce the feathers you see above first try on a quilt. I spent a day just drawing the basic feathers over and over again until i got the pattern in my head. I think i quilt them better than i draw them and black thread on black fabric is very forgiving. I can't show you this whole quilt as it is a client's quilt that will be a gift but if your a follower from my guild you will be able to see it at the meeting on Tuesday. My client was very kind in letting me show this quilt before it is sent away. I'll post the pictures of this one at the end of July.


  1. Your feathers are great! In fact they are growing on me! Keep it up -- you just may convert me!!!!!!

  2. Yes Eileen...come to the dark side!

  3. from a self proclaimed feather queen- they look great! keep PPP and you'll be able to do them without thinking...