Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Finished With Two Days to Spare!

Summer was my time to work on my own quilts, I mean what fun is it to own a longarm if you can't play on your own quilts. So now that the kids will be going back to school in two days I was very happy to finish my quilt on time this morning and I'm now get ready to start quilting for clients again. This is my quilt which was the guilds Mystery Quilt Project and I custom quilted it to the point of being ridicules! By that I mean I will never pebble quilt that much again! I was too hard on my hands, but it does look nice.
I did a lot of picking on this one as I first started quilting the dark border in a matching thread and you couldn't see the quilting...it matched too well. So then I used a lighter purple and that was much better and I could see the feathers. Then I started to quilt feathers in the triangles in the printed batik fabric and you couldn't see the quilting in the print. So picked that all out and just did straight lines. It was a good reminder on how to pick the right threads and designs for different fabrics.
This morning I also saw my Shaw profile for the first time (peeking through my hands) and I have to say it turned out okay, expect for the title " Long Arm Loomer"... I'm not a loomer!! Oh well. If i can figure out how to post a link I will. (I can't paste it in here for some unknown reason).


  1. Your quilt looks beautiful!! Can hardly wait to see it in person! Eileen

  2. Love the quilt work you do> Jo Ann