Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Splash of Batik

Your not seeing double, my clients quilt is the same as the one on my wall.  I love this quilt!  I made two for myself for my shack wall and the other I gave to my brother-in-law and his new wife for a wedding gift.   When I first started my longarm business and had an open house, I had three visitors ask about this quilt. I gave them the name of the shop I bought the kit at and they all got kits. This is the second one I have quilted and I hope to be lucky enough to quilt the third one too.
I used a new pantograph called Splash and it added a nice soft abstract design that this quilt just calls for.

Now you may have noticed I added a button to my sidebar for the next Bloggers Quilt Festival that is happening this Friday.  This will be my second time participating and is a great way to check out other blogs that you might not normally stumble across.  If you are not familiar with the Bloggers Quilt Festival it is a online quilt show were bloggers pick one quilt to showcase on their blog and then post a link at the Quilt Festival site.  On Friday bloggers will start adding there links to their post at the Festival site, you just click on the links and enjoy the quilt show.  They had 700 bloggers participate last time!   Since I haven't made a lot of my own quilts this year it was an easy decision for me which quilt to pick for the Festival.  You'll have to wait until Friday to see which one I picked but if you have followed my blog for awhile you should have a pretty good idea which one it will be.


  1. Yes, I do think I know which of your quilts will be part of the festival. I explored several sites during the last festival and had a wonderful time. Unfortunately the time is too short to get to them all unless you spend A LOT of time on the computer. I am looking forward to Friday. A

  2. Kathy.. name of the shop so I can get this kit LOVE it and it would look awesome in my living Room.. Was thinking of the Guild up there today and really miss you all!

  3. Sent you an email Trina!
    If anyone else is interested this pattern is called Pathway Batiks and if you google it you should find the free pdf pattern online.