Sunday, August 21, 2011


Since I have a few quilts for September coming in already I thought I would work on this special one early.   This is Leslie's quilt and it is for her first grandchild that is due this week.  When we were flipping through my panto sample book and she saw the "Goldfish" panto she knew right away that was the one.  It makes a great baby/toddler quilt design and reminds me of goldfish crackers.

I used Purple So Fine on top and bottom.

Goldfish is a Beany Girl Quilts design.


  1. Very cute! That panto was the perfect scale for the baby quilt. Very cheerful :)

  2. The Goldfish panto was a perfect choice for this very colorful quilt!G

  3. What a cute pattern!! And nicely executed!

  4. How cute! It's such a simple pattern but the colors really make it shine. The fishes are so good on it.