Monday, August 15, 2011

Vacation Part 1

Two years ago we travelled North and South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana.  So this year our vacation started in the part of Montana that we missed that time, Glacier National Park in the northwest part of the state.

The next day we drove though Idaho going over Lolo Pass then followed the Snake River to Lewiston.
Very windy road and after 3 hours started to feel a little car sick!

From Lewiston we drove through Walla Walla where I found a fantastic quilt shop called Stash!  Bought some Shadow Play fabric for backing for my SITP quilt. I had never seen Shadow Play before and it has great texture, much nicer than Moda Marbles.

We spent the night in Hood River, Oregon.  The next day we found Multnomah Falls. 

Then we continued on to Portland.  I have been looking forward to this stop as Portland is the home of....

WOW!!!!!!!! Now that's a fabric shop!
I am sure I just walked around in a daze for the first 15 minutes trying to soak it all in.  First I found the Rayon Batiks which I don't find that often and they had about 100 different prints!  I bought 2 to make a few bathing suit skirt wraps. Then I found the White tone on tone fabrics....picked out 2.  Then I made my way to the batiks, there must have been about 1,000 bolts of just batiks, it was insane.  I picked out about self control!!  Then I remembered I still needed to find backing for the guilds Bargello quilt. Found the Shadow Play fabrics and they had the 9 yards of the blue I needed.  Oh I also bought some beige fake suede with embroidery to make a skirt. (Tim and the boys were sitting in the waiting room by now and they were great to give me 2 hours there!)

The prices were amazing and better yet I had my 30% off coupon from my Quilter's Travel Companion book. The cashier even asked me where I got such a great coupon. Grand total $230 US and $70 of that is for the guild.  I wish I had bought more, darn self control why did you have to show up that day!

Well that's enough for one post.   Next stop Seaside Oregon!


  1. Your photos are breathtaking!!! Just beautiful. Plus, quilt shops too! What a vacation!!! You picked out some gorgeous fabric!!

  2. I have been to Fabric Depot twice! It is an incredible store and I am very impressed with your self control. If they put in a coffee shop with chocolate cookies I wouldn't leave for days! Looks like the weather even cooperated.

  3. Looks like you had fun! Beautiful pictures!

  4. Beautiful photos of the Glacier National Park. I would love to visit there myself one day.

  5. I think I have some of those same "backgrounds" from Glacier! It is so pretty there. Great fabrics from Fabric Depot! It's only 4 hours from my house! I'll be going in October while I'm at MQX!

  6. Quelle chance 2heures pour fouiller,chercher ,choisir,j'imagine votre plaisir dans cette boutique :mon rêve car en france les magasins sont plus rares ,un jour viendra ou mon tour arrivera ça fait du bien de rêver.

  7. Lovely photos, looks like you had some great days! I must work fabric depot into my next getaway!