Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vacation Part 2

After leaving Portland we made our way to Seaside, Oregon.  I had booked a hotel right on the beach for 3 nights, this was one of our main destinations.  When I booked the hotel I chose a 'partial ocean view' room and wasn't sure what to expect...would I have to lean off the balcony to see the ocean?  We were pleasantly surprised to see how great a view we got, minus the foggy of coarse. I know the ocean is out there somewhere as I can hear it.  We has fun walking the beach at high and low tides, it was quite a trek out to the waters edge at low tide.
We spent a day driving down the coast to explore the area and first came across the Rockwork wall.  Beautiful views here but the fog was still in.

Next was Cape Meares lighthouse for those that wanted to know where this picture was taken.  We were finally finding some blue sky too.

Just a bit further south was a small town called Oceanside.

We had a great time exploring this beach and all it's tidal pools.  This was the boys favourite spot and one of mine too!

 Here are the boys in one of the tidal pools finding crabs.

This is the smallest crab I found!
 Tons of purple and orange starfish.
I thought these sea anemone looked like eyes!

The sand here was hard packed so you could barely see your footprints. It was great to walk on.

The rock cliffs were amazing and Tim went off to explore them some more...

..while the boys and I went back to explore the pools again.

Andrew took this picture as I am usually behind the camera where I prefer to be!!

Now back to our hotel and sunshine!!


  1. More gorgeous photos! That's a super great pic of you! :-)

  2. Wow! I really love the place... so private...

    Tumby Bay