Friday, November 25, 2011


This is Raye's quilt and it's the first quilt she has made using batik fabrics!  She said she didn't know why she waited to so long to try batiks and really likes how they look.  I would have to agree!
The pattern she used is called Intersections by Cheryl Malkowski. It was a free pattern from Timeless Treasures but I couldn't find it on their site anymore. But I did find it here on this page for you to download.

I used Dream wool batting and So Fine thread on top and Bottom Line in the two different shades of beige :) 
I picked Whirlygig for the panto as this is going to be used as a couch throw quilt.   Using a light density design like this one with the wool batting makes it soft and cozy to cuddle with.

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  1. I love the Coffee Cake color line from Timeless and the pattern really shows off the fabric! Plus your quilting is gorgeous. Thanks for the link to the pattern.