Wednesday, November 23, 2011


This is Marg's Block of the Month from a quilt shop in Saskatoon.  She brought me a package of Hobbs Tuscany wool batting to use and I was surprised at how puffy it was. It was the exact look she wanted, light and fluffy, so it worked very well for her quilt. I do find Hobbs batting are not always consistent in thickness throughout the batt like Dream Wool is but once they are quilted you really can't tell.

Marg likes quilting designs with leaves so I pick Bushberries for the center panto and free hand quilted leaves in the outer border to match the leaves in the center.

I really like the color of sashing she used for this quilt so that is the color of So Fine thread I used for the center. I used a darker green in the outer border.


  1. Oh I do love the leaves in the border!! Beautiful work by both of you! E

  2. So pretty!!!!!!!!!! I totally agree with you about the Hobbs batting consistency compared to Dream, but it quilts out.

  3. Your leaves on the border looks great!

  4. I really like Hobbs wool batting - it is light and quilts up very nicely. Love the look of this quilt!