Friday, November 4, 2011

What's Black and White with Swirls Allover?

Cheryl's fabulous quilt!
This is the largest quilt I have done on my longarm and I don't think I could fit anything bigger, it is King size.
We originally discussed doing straight lines or a design with random squares but since it already had a very linear design I usually prefer to soften the lines with swirls.  Also the backing is flannelette and i didn't want to see 'waves' between each line (caused by flannelette stretching)  if I quilted rows of straight lines.
So we went with a simple swirl design.

Cheryl added two pieced rows to the backing that run from the top to bottom.  Very cool design element.


  1. I love looking at black and white quilts. At first I think they are photos taken in black and white and then when the quilt is put next to something with color they look fantastic!

  2. I just love black and white prints! This quilt is so different color wise, but so pretty, very striking! The panto goes so well with it. C

  3. Love, LOVE the swirls!!! Looks so pretty and adds a ton of movement. I think it was a fabulous choice to combine the swirls with all the straight lines!!

  4. I too like to put something with curves on a quilt with so many straight lines.