Friday, January 27, 2012

2009 Mystery #12

This is Rae's Mystery quilt that our guild did in 2009.  I went back and counted how many of these mystery's I have quilted and the number is 12.   The quilt I posted last time was going to be the backing for this quilt but when she brought the two pieces to a guild meeting we talked her into make two quilts and not use the other one for the backing.  So since we changed the plan on her she then decided that a snow dyed backing on both would be the answer.  I'm was all for that and happy to oblige.

I quilted this one free hand and did my 3's and E's in the center and a teardrop shape in the border.
I used Lava orange thread and Dream Blend batting.

And now to show you the whole snow dyed backing that was used on this quilt and I last showed you covered in snow. 


  1. Wow! How fun to get to have you quilt AND dye the back for it! :D

  2. Lots of flying geese in the mystery quilt. I like the design and colours, and your quilting compliments it well.